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Tidy Cat Pure Nature Cat Litter
$37.99 (Price Only Available Online)
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Bring a natural, Earth-friendly solution to your cat litter needs with Purina Tidy Cats Pure Nature Cedar, Pine & Corn clumping litter for multiple cats. The highly absorbent formula of this clumping cat litter helps to keep your cats feeling comfortable, and the lightweight clumps allow for easy cleanup. This natural cat litter features a combination of cedar, pine and corn, so you can feel good about the products you use when caring for your cats. Formulated to fight even the toughest odors, this Tidy clumping litter keeps your house smelling fresh and clean, so you are always ready to welcome guests, both human and feline, into your home. Natural, fresh scents make this an inviting option for your cats' litter boxes, keeping them happy in their own corners of your home. Created specifically for multiple cat households, the 99% natural formula of this kitty litter is ideal for the cat companion with a large feline family.

Keep your home smelling crisp and fresh when you use Purina Tidy Cats Pure Nature Cedar, Pine & Corn clumping litter for multiple cats. The 99.9% dust-free formula makes it easy to fill your cats' litter boxes without leaving a mess behind, helping to keep the area around each box tidy in between cleanings. Outstanding odor control works to neutralize strong scents, so your darling cats feel welcome to use their boxes without being overwhelmed. The naturally absorbent formula helps to keep your cats dry and content. Packaged in a resealable bag, this litter gives you a handy way to store your cats' litter neatly in your closet or pantry, and the conveniently recyclable packaging lets you feel good about the impact your pet purchases have on the world around you. Caring for multiple cats can be easy when you use this Tidy Cats multiple cat formula. This clumping kitty litter is formulated for your multi-cat household, working to keep strong odors at bay. The naturally clumping design allows for effortless cleanup, and the natural scents make the litter box areas pleasant for your favorite felines. Crafted from cedar, pine and corn, this cat-friendly litter offers a natural way to tend to your cat's needs. Pair this litter with our Tidy Cats litter deodorizer to bring even more freshness to your home, and use our Tidy Cats box liners to switch out batches of litter quickly. If you are switching to Purina Tidy Cats Pure Nature Cedar, Pine & Corn clumping litter, gradually introduce this formula to each cat's litter box so they can become used to the new scent and texture. By the time each box is filled with our natural, cat-friendly litter option, they can enjoy the fresh scent and powerful odor control in a cat litter formula that's healthy for your home.


Corn, pine, cedar, guar, and fragrance

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