Bird Supplies

At Pet Goods, you’ll find the very best bird supplies, products and accessories for your cherished feathered friends, both domestic and wild. Whether you’re a proud cockatiel mom or a backyard avian watcher, you’ll discover all the bird accessories, feeds and treats you need under one roof! Take advantage of our great deals and super savings on bird cages, grooming supplies, feeders, perches, toys, bird supplements and health care for your favorite budgie or canary. Our stores also carry sturdy feeders and houses for wild bird species, plus handy supplies for your backyard chickens.

Large Bird Supplies

Keep your African grey or cockatoo healthy and happy with food and accessories specifically designed for larger birds. It’s no secret that Conures, macaws and parrots have special needs, from spacious cages and nutrient-dense feeds, to interactive toys that promise hours of stimulating play time. With the right parrot supplies and products, you can encourage your pet to explore his home, investigate new colors and get much-needed exercise. Stop by our store for an unbeatable selection of fun-to-eat treats made with wholesome grains, nuts and dried fruits, and a complete lineup of large bird supplies. Looking for a durable, all-metal cage with ample wing room? Pet Goods has cages in all styles and shapes, with pull-out trays for quick clean up.

Small Bird Supplies

Does your lovebird or parakeet rule the roost? Give your affectionate, playful friend the good life with premium food, cage accessories and supplies that optimize health, relieve boredom and are specifically made for smaller species. From mirror play toys to shreddable ropes, our products will satisfy your cockatiel’s instinct to preen, pluck and chew. Delight your courting finches with a bamboo woven nest, meant to encourage breeding behaviors. If you want to attract migratory species or hummingbirds to your outdoor patio, you’ll find a nice variety of feeders, treats and wild bird seeds that will keep orioles, bluebirds and cardinals flocking to your home!

Other Bird Products

Take advantage of our great customer service and competitive prices on bird products from brands you know and trust. Pet Goods stocks everything for feathered friends large and tiny, including bird food storage containers, waterers, bird baths, perches, play stands and treats. Whether you own a pair of zebra finches or belong to a blue and gold macaw, we’re here to offer friendly guidance in selecting what you need.