Bird Cages & Bird Cage Stands

Create a cozy aviary for your flying friends by shopping the bird cages and bird cage stands available at Pet Goods stores in New York and New Jersey. We carry everything from small, lightweight homes for parakeets all the way to elaborate habitats for multiple birds or large breeds like macaws. Some models feature windows that allow for “clear viewing”, while others offer rooftop playgrounds for your pets to enjoy outside of the cage. Manufacturers have designed many cages for easy access cleaning and equipped larger habitats with caster wheels for mobility between rooms. Stop by one of our many locations to speak with a knowledgeable expert on bird cages, stands, and perches.

Large & small bird cages

Pet Goods carries both large and small bird cages to meet your needs. Size is one of the most important considerations for the safety of your feathered pet. You certainly don’t want cramped quarters for your bird, but you also do not want a cage with gaps between the bars that would allow escape. Most birds fly horizontally, rather than ascending vertically, so the length of the cage is generally more important than the height. You can always go larger for your pet as long as the bars are spaced appropriately. Bar spacing for the smaller birds should be no greater than 1/4-1/2 inch, while the larger birds can tolerate spaces up to 1-1.5 inches. The general cage size you’re looking for should be at least:

  • 18×18 inches – for smaller birds like finches, canaries, and budgies.
  • 24×24 inches — for medium-sized species like cockatiels, lovebirds and conures.
  • 36×48 inches – for large cockatoos, macaws, amazons and African greys.

We’ve vetted all cages to ensure they are made with sturdy construction, including durable latches, as well as large access doors and easy roll-out cleaning trays for every convenience possible.

Stands for bird cages

Bird cage stands serve as the ideal way to keep your bird cage off the ground and safeguard the health of your pet. It’s no secret that birds like to build their nests up high for their own protection, and your bird habitat should be no different. Bird cage stands come in a variety of styles, sizes, materials, shapes, and colors to match your preference. Once you have selected the appropriate cage, it will be easier to find a stand that best accompanies the size, material, and style. Keep in mind there are stands designed for indoor use and stands designed for outdoor use.

Bird cage perches

Just as people enjoy sofas and chairs, birds like to hang out on perches while resting. Wild birds use a variety of materials as perches – tree branches, reeds, plants, rocks, buildings, and electrical wires. You can find various items to use as perches for your home as well, from natural wood perches designed for parrots, to entertaining rope perches to hang on inside the cage, to warming sand perches for small species. Some perches are edible to meet the intense chewing needs of parrots. Perches, designed for inside or outside the cage, can serve many purposes – from a place to groom and chew, to a place to socialize and play. Most birds prefer taller stands that signify status and provide a “bird’s eye view” of the surroundings.

Pet Goods stocks a variety of bird cages, stands and perches to create the perfect habitat for your beautiful bird. We look forward to meeting you and helping with your selection. Be sure to ask us about our bird food and accessories, too.

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