Bird Feeders & Bowls

At Pet Goods, you can find the latest selection of bird feeders, bowls and accessories for your feathered friends. Our feeders, waterers and crocks are available in many styles, materials and sizes, designed for all types of pet and wild birds. Our inventory includes affordable plastic watering bowls, ceramic and metal crocks, as well as silo and fountain-style feeders. Looking for a sturdy bird feeder guaranteed to keep squirrels away? Pet Goods carries hanging and stationary bird feeders that will befuddle even the smartest of squirrels. Whether you’re a proud parakeet parent, or an avid watcher of winged wildlife, Pet Goods is your trusted source for quality bird feeders, dishes and bowls at great low prices.

Hummingbird Feeders

Attract beautiful, jewel-toned hummers to your garden with a hummingbird feeder from Pet Goods. Crafted in durable plastic or glass, hummingbird feeders feature multiple feeding ports and a wide-mouth reservoir for easy filling and cleaning. Choose from small or large capacity feeders with built-in bee guards and ant moats to protect delicate hummers from crawling insects. Hummingbirds are naturally attracted to the red flower-shaped ports or bases, and advanced sealing rings help prevent nectar leakage.

Bird Bowls

Some of our best-selling bird bowls are constructed of animal-safe plastic or stainless steel, with clamp-on brackets for easy attachment to cages or wire enclosures. Multipurpose crocks and bowls can be filled with bird seed, treats or water, and are an easy spill-proof way to feed your pet bird. Quality construction and heavy duty materials are rust-resistant and dishwasher safe. Visit your local Pet Goods store for a huge selection of bird dishes and bowls in assorted colors, styles and shapes. Be sure to ask about clear plastic crocks, which can also double as bird baths for your feathered companions.

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

Tired of wily squirrels raiding your outdoor bird feeders? Pet Goods has attractive bird feeders that are proven to thwart these cute bandits, protecting your seed for orioles, cardinals and other winged wonders. Watch songbirds feast undisturbed with a squirrel proof bird feeder that is weight-sensitive and engineered to keep large creatures from hogging all the bird seed. Outfitted with wire cages and innovative dropping platforms, squirrel proof feeders hold several pounds of seed and come in a variety of styles and sizes for the perfect addition to your garden.

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