Bird Food

Welcome to Pet Goods, your superstore for premium bird food, seed, pellets and formula made for domestic and wild breeds. You’ll find gourmet diets made with specialty grains and seeds that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest of parakeets, finches and cockatiels. Treat your feathered companions to a nutritionally-balanced diet that is packed with fruit, nut and seed blends that birds love. By giving quality foods enriched with probiotics, vitamins and minerals, you can help promote digestive health. At Pet Goods, bird owners will find great prices on vet-recommended feeds your parrot will crave.

Bird Seed

Not all bird seeds are created equal. Stock up on superior blends made with natural ingredients that birds love! Attract chickadees, nuthatches and wrens with waste-free wild bird food and say goodbye to sunflower hull clean-up. Macaws, cockatoos and Amazons can indulge in their favorite seed blends that optimize health and boost immune systems for a longer, happier life. For all of your tropical bird seed needs, stop by Pet Goods for the best selection and lowest prices around. Our quality seed blends offer the flavor and variety your pet deserves.

Bird Pellets

Delicious and nutritious, bird pellets are fortified with amino acids and essential vitamins and are especially made for medium to larger species. Extruded granules and pellets feature engaging shapes and colors that are ideal for Conures, cockatiels, African greys, rosellas and lovebirds. Feed your baby wholesome pellets that support beak, skin and plumage health. Pet Goods stocks breeder-recommended brands that are sugar-free and contain no animal by-products. Made with real fruit and vegetables and no artificial preservatives, pellets are highly palatable and easily digested. Ask about our senior pellets with extra calcium and protein formulated for older birds. Handy re-sealable packaging ensures the contents stay fresh.

Bird Formula

Newly hatched birds need a nutrient-dense diet that encourages proper growth and development. At Pet Goods, you’ll find energy-rich baby bird formulas designed for cockatoos, budgies, cockatiels, Conures, macaws, lovebirds and baby Passerines. Made with whole eggs and rice flour for easy digestion, bird formula promotes fast development, vitality and bright plumage. Whether you’re raising a precious finch or a soon-to-be fledgling macaw, your feathered friend will thrive on naturally flavored bird formulas that are supplemented with Vitamin D, folic acid and probiotics. Handfeeding formulas are also great for pet birds that are suffering from periodic gastrointestinal difficulties.

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