Bird Toys

Enhance your feathered friend’s emotional and physical well-being with interactive bird toys from Pet Goods. Bird foraging toys offer a safe and constructive outlet for your pet’s natural behavior, while mirrors are great for pet parrots, canaries and parakeets that crave social interaction.

Hanging bird toys reduce anxiety & boredom

At Pet Goods, you’ll find a variety of bird toys crafted with natural materials designed to reduce boredom and relieve anxiety. Featuring a range of inviting textures and vibrant colors, hanging bird toys with dangling balls and tassels offer a fantastic beak workout, and are veterinarian recommended for small and large species. Fun, multi-hued shapes add interest to their cage, and sisal streamers and ropes give your pet bird something to preen and chew.

Bird foraging toys encourage natural behavior

Foraging toys promise hours of mental and physical stimulation for your pet cockatiel, African Grey or cockatoo. Simply mount in their cage with their favorite snacks and watch as your bird learns to work for his or her food! Foraging toys help engage their innate curiosity to chew, pick and shred, and they have been proven to help minimize behavioral problems like feather picking. Help satisfy your feathered pal’s natural instinct to forage and investigate with toys made of sea grass, bamboo, palm leaves and wood. Foraging wheels, rings, boxes and other creative toys make your family pet find his food just as they would in the wild, putting an end to “birdie boredom” forever.

Bird cage toys keep them happy

Looking for a big selection of bird toys to entertain and amuse your pet? Stop by your neighborhood Pet Goods, where you’ll discover durable mirror and spinner toys, preening toys, dangling toys with colorful shapes, bird swings and rings that promote exercise, and bird ladders. Some toys are made with edible materials providing hours of chewing and shredding fun, while others have rotating, chiming bells designed to stimulate his senses. Invite your feathered friend to perch, climb, investigate and play on quality bird toys that are easy to mount and clean. Whether you’re a proud parakeet mom or have several macaws, you’ll find safe bird toys that challenge your pet’s intellect, keeping them mentally healthy. Transform a boring cage into an interactive play zone with hanging and foraging toys made for small and large birds.

Find bird cage accessories and interactive toys that suit your pet’s interests at Pet Goods!

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