Bird Treats

Bird treats are an excellent way to satisfy your avian companion’s natural cravings to chew and gnaw. Made for large and small-beaked species, bird biscuits come in fun colors, shapes and sizes that will keep parrots, finches, cockatiels and more entertained for hours. Nutritious bird snacks are perfect for the occasional indulgence, or as a hard-earned training reward. For a great selection of gourmet treats featuring tempting fruit flavors, enriched grains and yogurt coatings, visit your nearest Pet Goods store. Our shelves are brimming with wholesome baked snacks and bite-size morsels that birds go crazy for. Vitamin-fortified crunch sticks, biscuits and seed medleys add much-needed variety to your bird’s diet. Enjoy a special bonding moment with your African grey, lovebird or parakeet — stock up on tasty bird treats that promote health and are fun to eat!

Bird Biscuits

Crunchy bird biscuits are fabulous training aids for intelligent parrots and macaws. Biscuits are oven-baked with scrumptious flavors and textures that birds find irresistible. Parrot snacks are sized just right for easy grasping, and contain Omega 3 for heart and brain health. Natural bird biscuits are made with real egg, giving your pet bird the extra protein he needs for a strong beak and feathers. Smaller birds like finches, canaries and budgies will crave lemon and poppy seed biscuits coated in sweet honey. Some treats come with handy plastic clips for easy hanging inside your bird’s habitat. When used periodically, biscuits can help relieve cage boredom while providing environmental enrichment. Your feathered friend will delight in the medleys of fruits, vegetables, flax seed, millet and other nutrient-dense ingredients that are especially formulated for all breeds and sizes. At Pet Goods, you’ll find bird treats and snacks that are free of artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.

Bird Snacks

Doesn’t your pet parrot deserve the very best? Nutritionally-balanced bird snacks have several key benefits:

  • Encourages natural foraging behavior and pecking instincts
  • Relieves stress and boredom that can lead to feather loss
  • An effective training reward
  • Probiotics promote digestive health

Whether your cockatiel craves a granola treat peppered with raisins, coconut and papaya, or prefers a savory blend of pistachios, peanuts and almonds, you’ll discover the treats he adores at Pet Goods. Beak-watering biscuits, nut medleys and brightly-colored treats make snack time fun and healthy for your pet bird. Ask about our seed cakes and fruit-enriched treats especially made for domestic and wild birds.

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