Wild Bird Food & Feeders

Attract more colorful species to your garden with wild bird seed, calorie-rich suet and squirrel-proof feeders, available at Pet Goods.

Wild Bird Food

Looking for quality wild bird food products at discount prices? Stop in to your neighborhood Pet Goods, where we stock everything you’ll need to nourish and pamper your feathered friends. Browse a wide variety of premium seed mixes for wild birds, suet feeder packs, striped sunflower seeds, and regional blends that lure songbirds to your patio or garden. Our easy-to-use wild bird seed blocks and cakes are an ideal way to feed doves, cardinals and finches, and the no-mess design ensures more birdwatching hours! Want a high-energy food source for those cold winter months? Attract chickadees, sparrows, Blue jays and grosbeaks with safflower seed logs, suet cakes and nut/insect balls crafted just for wild birds.

Wild Bird Seed

We are proud to carry wild bird seed blends and mixes by trusted brands. Zero-waste formulas bring more song to your feeders! Woodpeckers and nuthatches can’t resist seed balls made with sunflower chips and peanut bits. No matter the season, you’ll find the best deals on wild bird seed blends made with a gourmet mix of nuts, seeds and fruit. Delight wild finches with a bird food sampler packed with quality Thistle seed. Pick up a bag of premium cardinal food, fortified with vitamins and minerals, this mixture features safflower and sunflower seeds, dried cherries, peanuts and raisins.

Suet Bird Food

Natural suet cakes contain a delicious blend of rendered beef suet, seeds, oats, corn and sunflower meats. Suet bird food gives your backyard visitors more variety and the ingredients they adore – without the mess. High energy suet cakes do not melt and come in a tempting assortment of nuts, seeds and fruits for year-round feeding. Look for suet cakes featuring aroma-enhancing fruits and vegetables, or go for suet balls speckled with mealworms and insects. Suet treats are an affordable and fun way to entice wild birds to your home.

Wild Bird Feeders

Pet Goods has a large selection of wild bird feeders to suit the backyard avian lover. We carry economical suet feeders and baskets, window feeders for wild birds, tube feeders, platform feeders with durable perches and hummingbird feeders in decorative styles. Innovative squirrel-proof designs keep pesky squirrels from stealing all the seed! Perfect for hanging under the eaves or from a nearby tree, wild bird feeders come in a variety of styles and materials that are easy to fill and clean.

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