Cat Supplies & Accessories

Shop the best selection of kitten and cat supplies at Pet Goods, where you’ll find a huge range of accessories, toys, litter and grooming supplies at reasonable prices. Get your treasured feline friend everything she needs – and wants – all under one roof! If you’re looking for great deals on cat scratching posts, cat collars, feeding bowls, carriers, cat beds and food products, you’ve come to the right place.


Pet Goods features quality wet and dry cat foods designed to promote health and vitality. We carry premier brands your fussy calico will demand like Blue Buffalo and Orijen. Fortified with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, wholesome cat foods are great for supporting urinary tract health in senior kitties, encouraging proper development in kittens, and alleviating allergies in felines with food sensitivities.

Those wonderful nighttime cuddles are a sure sign of her affection. Return the love with a tempting kitty treat made with real chicken, tuna and turkey. Have a special needs companion? Our stores also stock grain-free cat treats that promote digestive health and are packed with the delicious flavors your feline craves. Does your tabby prefer the crunchy texture of Greenies? Or does he go wild for chewy salmon treats? Pet Goods is your store for nourishing cat treats, as well as organic cat nip and grasses.


Multi-cat families know the inherent value of quality litter – and Pet Goods makes it easier than ever to find the brand, texture and scent your felines prefer. You’ll find litter pans, litter box liners and cat products that neutralize ammonia. Say goodbye to strong odors with premium cat litters and accessories that make clean-up a snap. In addition to traditional clay cat litters, Pet Goods has the best-rated clumping litters and all natural litters with no perfumes or deodorants. Browse 5-star brands like Dr. Elsey’s and Nature’s Miracle.


From the tiniest kittens to senior mousers, all cats love a good chase and a pounce. Cat toys keep your baby fit, sharpen his senses and enhance his overall quality of life. With the right feather dangler, crinkle toy or treat-dispensing ball, Fluffy will stay active and excited. Interactive cat toys are sure to inspire even the laziest of cats. Laser lights, crackling noises and hidden pockets of catnip will make your feline spring into action with crazy delight! From the cute to the colorful, we have a huge inventory of cat toys your zany kitty will love to chase, bat and hide.


As lovers of all things feline, Pet Goods is constantly stocking up on the latest cat products and accessories for grooming, transportation, health and trips to the vet. Browse trendy cat collars, travel gear and a cool selection of cat condos, furniture and bedding. If your kitty roams outdoors, you can pick up flea treatment and tick collars for cats, along with hairball remedies, de-wormers and supplements. Keep your sofa safe from claw damage and browse our cat scratchers made with recycled cardboard and sisal.

Your kitty’s happiness and health is important to you and your family. Keep her purring and frisking for years to come with quality food, treats, supplements, flea products and other cat accessories. Discover the many benefits of shopping at Pet Goods, where customer service and great selection go hand in hand.