Cat Beds

Did you know that the average feline naps around 15 hours a day? At Pet Goods, you’ll find a huge variety of sturdy yet comfortable cat beds, fleece throws, cat pads and window perches at unbeatable prices.

Cat Bedding

From den-style cat hideaways to cozy square and round-shaped beds, we have every type of cat bedding imaginable. Made with super plush fabrics that are machine washable, we have stylish bedding options that will complement any home décor. Cat beds are available in a wide assortment of colors, styles, sizes and fabrics, and some feature bolstered walls and orthopedic foams for extra comfort and support.

Heated Cat Bed

Heated cat beds keep your kitty cozy and warm during the coldest of weather. Deluxe heated cat beds and mats feature dual thermostat heating units designed to warm the surface to optimal temperatures. Ideal for patios, garages or even indoors, these thermo kitty beds will keep your feline purring as she slumbers in cozy warmth. Pet Goods has heated cat beds that are fashion-forward and energy efficient. Available in trendy leopard print and pastel colors, many of these heated mats and beds have washable covers, and some feature zip-off hoods for added privacy.

Cat Window Bed

Cats love long, uninterrupted naps in the sun, and there’s no better place to catch some zzz’s than from the comfort a window perch. Cat window beds and mounted perches let your kitty bask in the sunshine in total comfort. Adjustable brackets or suction cups turn just about any window into the perfect roost for your favorite tabby. Choose from heated cat window sill perches covered with soft fleece or lightweight nylon purchases that can support up to 40 pounds. At Pet Goods, we carry cat window beds and bolsters that are engineered for strength and are a snap to assemble.

Cheap Cat Beds

Pet Goods is proud to offer our customers competitive price points on all types of cat bedding and sleep accessories. From plush fleece throws and cat snugglers to premium igloo sleepers with therapeutic memory foam, you will find quality products that offer great value for money. Pamper you lazy feline with a fluffy cat bed that won’t break the bank. Visit one of our stores for a superior selection of inexpensive cat beds in adorable prints, chic colors and contemporary designs. Ask about our cat beds with skid-proof bottoms and faux-fur linings for an extra touch of flair!

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