Cat Dental Care

Pet Goods can help you improve the health and longevity of your feline with the latest in cat dental care products from trusted brands. We’re proud to offer a huge selection of advanced dental care items, including oral hygiene cat chews (made with delicious poultry flavors), kitty toothbrushes, chicken flavored cat toothpaste, breath freshening rinse and dental training kits for kittens. With time and a little patience, most felines will get used to teeth cleaning, whether using an oral hygiene rinse or a toothbrush.

Cat teeth cleaning

If you’re a proud kitten or cat parent, you’re probably familiar with your pet’s “kitty breath.” A mild fishy odor is completely normal, but particularly foul breath may be a sign that your favorite Persian is having dental problems. While cleaning your cat’s teeth may seem silly, your four-legged companion can suffer from the same issues as humans: tooth decay, gingivitis and periodontal disease. Keep in mind that older kitties (age 7 and above) are more prone to gum problems. If you notice red or bleeding gums in your feline, it’s time to visit the vet and begin a routine dental care program, complete with daily brushing. Proper dental care can ensure your calico’s overall health and well-being, and Pet Goods has the cat teeth cleaning products you need at affordable prices.

Cat dental cleaning

Cat dental care and regular cleaning is the best way to ward off decay and gum disease. How do you know if your kitty has gingivitis? Some felines won’t show any symptoms, but bad breath, frequently dropping kibble from the mouth, or a reluctance to eat may indicate that your tabby has swollen and painful gums. Between dental check-ups with your vet, you can help your furry friend by brushing her teeth and providing cat dental treats that scrape off tartar and freshen breath. Visit your neighborhood Pet Goods for a wide array of feline dental cleaning products, including teeth gel, kitty toothpaste, mint chew toys, crunchy dental treats and other remedies for malodorous breath.

Brushing cats teeth

Just like we brush our own teeth to prevent cavities, brushing your cat’s teeth improves the health of your feline’s gums and chompers. Keep plaque and tartar build-up under control with a specially designed cat toothbrush that safely and gently cleans teeth. One of the easiest ways to promote kitty’s oral hygiene is to begin dental care at an early age. By the age of 8 months, most kittens will benefit from routine tooth brushing using an enzymatic, pet-safe toothpaste for cats. At Pet Goods, you’ll find affordable cat dental care kits featuring chicken-flavored toothpaste that cleans teeth while fighting bad breath!

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