Cat Feeders & Bowls

Looking for the perfect cat feeder or bowl? Come into Pet Goods, your neighborhood source for all things feline! We have a large selection of cat bowls, feeders, automatic cat food dispensers and waterers in varying styles, shapes and price points.  From economical plastic feeders to electronic water fountains, Pet Goods has everything kitty parents need at affordable prices. Shop decorative cat feeders and bowls made of ceramic, stainless steel or plastic that feature fun paw print and contemporary designs. Give your furry companion a steady stream of fresh food with a gravity cat feeder from Pet Goods – perfect for kitty parents who work long days!

Cat Bowls

Reduce kibble and water spillage by choosing the right cat bowl for your feline. Pet Goods carries stainless steel and heavy stoneware bowls with low profiles for more comfortable feasting. Some bowl bases have rubber rings to keep them from skittering across slick surfaces – ideal for larger kitties. Looking for a lightweight cat bowl that is microwave and dishwasher safe? Browse a variety of cat saucers and bowls with cute prints and colors that complement any home décor. Be sure to check out our cat bowls with gently sloping edges that help prevent kibble and canned food from getting stuck in the corners.

Cat Food Dispenser

Electric cat food dispensers and gravity feeders are convenient, affordable and ensure your favorite feline gets her meals on time, regardless if you’re at home. Programmable cat food dispensers hold up to ten pounds of dry kibble and let you program up to 3 feeding cycles per day. Battery operated dispensers are great for multi-cat households and promise worry-free feeding with consistent portions. If your kitty has special dietary needs, or simply does better with small, frequent meals, ask your veterinarian about the benefits of an automatic dry food cat feeder.

Raised Cat Bowls

Elevated cat bowl feeding stations make dinner time and drinking more comfortable for your pet. Raised cat bowls support better posture while your kitty is eating, and improve digestion by reducing air intake at meals. At Pet Goods, you’ll find elevated dinner bowl sets for cats made of hygienic stainless steel, which is bacteria-resistant and a breeze to clean. For spill-free feeding sessions, look for platforms equipped with rubber feet. If your feline is older or a tad chubby, raised feeding platforms are a great option for relieving added stress on joints and bones.

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