Cat Furniture & Scratchers

A busy cat is a well-behaved cat. Keep your kitty happy with the latest innovative designs in cat furniture and scratchers available from Pet Goods. It’s only natural for cats to scratch. It’s an instinct that lets them stretch and flex their paws, mark their territory, and keep their claws healthy through exfoliation. But since preserving furniture and door casings are important for most pet parents, it’s necessary to divert the attention of these frisky felines to designated cat scratching furniture. At Pet Goods, you’ll find the latest scratchers to please even the pickiest of kitties.

Cat scratching furniture

Cat furniture and scratchers abound at Pet Goods, and our friendly and knowledgeable associates can help you choose the perfect piece for your playful feline. From the simple to the practically palatial, we’ve got it all. Your kitty will love a cat condo or hideaway that features enticing, scratching surfaces and has cozy platforms for taking long naps.

Cat scratching post

Cat scratching posts are the classic choice for cat parents. Pet Goods features an extensive inventory—from the simple, single column cat scratching post to posts with all the bells and whistles. Our cat scratching posts feature sturdy bases that protect your kitty by preventing wobbling. The durable sisal exterior is irresistibly tempting to tiny claws. Your cat might enjoy a post that features enticing toys at the top to encourage regular use. Or, choose a post that features a feline-friendly platform at the top to let your kitty get some height.

Cardboard cat scratchers

If you have ever caught your kitty tearing apart cardboard boxes, you already know why the cardboard cat scratchers at Pet Goods have become so popular. Cats seem to have a natural love of shredding things. Perhaps the loud noise that accompanies it is more satisfying to your kitty. Pet Goods carries a variety of cardboard cat scratchers. Many pet parents choose a small cardboard cat scratcher to start with. This lets you know for sure that your kitty will love it. If so, select a fancier version like a double wide or a curvy scratcher. Be sure to stock up on cardboard scratcher refills to keep your cat busy.

Whatever the preferences of your beloved feline are, you can find what you’re looking for at your local Pet Goods. Stop by one of our stores in New York or New Jersey today and stock up on your kitty’s favorites.

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