Cat Grooming Tools

Keep your feline looking and smelling her very best with cat grooming supplies from Pet Goods. Our stores carry a large collection of cat brushes, shedding tools, cat nail clippers and other grooming accessories to pamper your favorite kitty. Visit our stores for amazing low prices on grooming tools and supplies for short, medium and long-haired cats, including grooming mitts, undercoat brushes and cat combs that remove dead hair while helping to restore a lustrous sheen to the coat. With quality grooming tools, you can keep shedding at bay, reduce incidence of hairballs, while providing great pleasure for your kitty.

Cat Brushes

Medium and long-haired felines benefit from regular coat brushing and grooming, which removes tangled fur along with loose hair. A good cat brush is an essential grooming supply, and Pet Goods has several models and styles to choose from. You’ll find dual-sided brushes for complete grooming, de-shedding brushes, grooming mitts with massage tips and gentle, soft-bristled brushes for kittens. Comfort grip handles allow for optimal results with little effort, and unique contoured designs enhance comfort and control. With regular use, cat brushes can reduce shedding, helping to keep your kitty’s fur soft, shiny and tangle-free.

Cat Nail Clippers

Is your feline an indoor kitty or does he prefer to roam outdoors? Keeping your pet’s nails healthy and trimmed is an easy way to keep your patio furniture and floors from getting damaged. Today’s assortment of cat nail clippers has been designed with comfort and safety in mind. Trimming your cat’s nails is super easy and painless thanks to rubber ergonomic handles and cutting guards that allow for safe, injury-free trimming. Visit your neighborhood Pet Goods and ask about our top-selling nail trimmers and clippers by the industry’s leading brands.

Cat Grooming Supplies

Whether you’re looking for guillotine cat nail clippers, undercoat brushes, combs or de-shedding tools for your kitty, Pet Goods has the cat grooming products you need at affordable price points. We have quality grooming supplies and nail care products for all types of cat breeds, from Maine Coons to Persians. At Pet Goods, you’ll discover vet-recommended supplies for complete skin care, coat care and nail care. Stop by your local Pet Goods and check out our huge inventory of grooming supplies for cats and kittens.

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