Cat Litter Boxes & Pans

Pet Goods carries a huge selection of cat litter boxes and pans that are sure to meet all of your kitty’s needs. Choose from high quality litter boxes for cats in a wide range of sizes, shapes and models. Even the finickiest of felines will love our hooded litter pans that feature wide entrances, swinging doors and extra privacy. Looking for a sturdy cat litter pan that is stain resistant and easy to clean? Visit our stores for the best prices on small and large litter boxes designed to keep odors and kitty litter contained. Cats can be very particular about where they do their business indoors. Keep your feline friend happy and comfortable with a litter pan that caters to her preferences, whether she prefers an open litter box or an enclosed space.

Large litter boxes

If your cat tips the scales at more than 12 pounds, a large litter box or pan can help keep kitty litter in the box, and not on your floor. Large litter boxes are ideal for multi-cat households, and often come with easy-grip handles and double carbon filtration to keep strong odors under control. At Pet Goods, you’ll find high-backed litter pans made of durable plastic, oversized covered litter boxes, as well as self-cleaning automatic litter boxes that are made to work with your kitty’s favorite clumping litter. Extra large litter pans with privacy hoods reduce odor and litter tracking, and leak-proof trays prevent messy spillage. Large cat pans with built-in sifters make cleaning a breeze, and you’ll never have to buy cat box liners again.

Small litter boxes

Need a litter box for cats for tight spaces? Pet Goods has small litter boxes from the most trusted brands in pet care. Perfect for kittens or average-sized cats, small litter pans give kitty just the right amount of restroom space. Browse our selection of basic litter pans for kittens and cats, disposable litter boxes made from recycled paper fibers and triangular litter boxes that fit snugly into any corner of your house. Your tabby may also appreciate a self-cleaning litter box with automatic rake that scoops waste out of sight. If your feline tracks litter onto the carpet but won’t use a hooded litter pan, consider an open litter box with three-sided shield that stops spills without compromising her security.

At Pet Goods, you’ll find the best deals on cat litter boxes and pans, plus liners, scoops and other cat litter accessories.

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