Cat Litter

The first cat litters were made from dirt, sand, sawdust, ashes, and paper – basically any leftover odds and ends from the family wood fireplace and coal stove. Many advances have been made since then, and today cat owners can choose from many types of litter that provide superior odor control and make scooping and disposal easy. Our Pet Goods experts are committed to helping you find the best product for your pet and your situation, so stop on by!

Flushable Cat Litter

Flushable cat litter can be made from any easily biodegradable material, including zeolite, walnut shells, pine, corn and cassava, vegetable matter, reclaimed wood, wood and tea leaves, and wheat kernel and natural wood fibers.

The chief benefit of flushable litter is obvious – instead of going through the messy work of bagging and setting out litter with the trash each week, you can simply flush it down the toilet and rid yourself of the waste and odor in one fell swoop. If you are switching to flushable litter from a clay-based litter, you may be able to ease the transition by gradually mixing the two together.

Dust Free Cat Litter

Litter dust can potentially be a factor in triggering feline asthma. For some cats, the minimization of dust is very important for the animal’s health. Clumping litter doesn’t stick to your cat’s paws, so it won’t be tracked through the house. The dust stays down, your cat stays happy, and scooping is a cinch. Dust free litter is also a good option for cat owners who suffer from allergies or respiratory issues.

Crystal Cat Litter

Crystal cat litter is made from silica gel – the same material you find in freshness packets. This material absorbs moisture and odor more effectively than other types of litter, so you can go a month without having to replace it. An added bonus is that it’s virtually dust-free and the larger granules mean that cats don’t track it around the house as much.

Buying Kitty Litter

The choice of cat litter really boils down to a matter of personal preference – both yours and your cat’s! We invite you to stop by one of our Pet Goods stores for personalized attention when selecting a cat litter that suits the needs of your household.

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