Cat Odor Remover

Pet Goods carries powerful cat odor removers that are safe and family friendly, meaning they will only tackle the smells you want to get rid of without harming occupants, plants or surfaces.

Cat Urine Remover

As any feline lover knows, once cat urine gets into a material, it stays. Worse, if the cat has designated the material as its “spot,” it will use that material again and again as a toilet. It can be a pile of clothes in the corner of a closet, a space under the stairs or the carpet behind the couch. If your cat decides the space is its bathroom, it’s a done deal.

This is why once you find a spot the cat has used, you not only have to clean it immediately, you must reestablish with the cat where its litter box is. Pet Goods has a variety of products that use different processes for removing urine odors. From powders to sprays, each is guaranteed to remove cat urine odors without a lot of work.

Cat Stain Remover

Pet Goods has the cat stain removers that permanently eliminate organic stains along with their smells. These are eco-friendly options that promise to leave a refreshing scent and area. These products can be used on carpets, clothing, hard surfaces and more. They will not harm or create unsafe surfaces with abrasive chemicals. From urine to regurgitation, Pet Goods has the cleaning formula for the job.

Cat Odor Spray

Unfortunately, many cat owners grow immune to the odors that can emanate when living with felines. From accumulating litter box smells to body odor, we just accept them to the point where we may not even notice. This is why we need to regularly clean that box and to occasionally refresh the air with a pleasant cat odor spray. These products have unique formulations for dealing with the type of odors a pet can leave, as opposed to an all-purpose spray. Cat odor sprays can be applied to varying fabrics to remove – not mask – odors that have set in.

Cat Odor Removal Products from Pet Goods

Your goal is to keep furniture, floors, surfaces and all other areas free of odors. This can be done through regular carpet cleaning, air and surface spraying, and wipe downs before we smell odors.  Come by a Pet Goods store and talk with one of our staff about how to manage cat odors with the best removal products available.

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