Cat Toys

Cats are mischievous and playful, stealthy and fun loving. For many cat owners, there isn’t any more enjoyable time with their feline than watching it play with a toy. The animal can be fixated, leaping and running back and forth, poking at a mystery they need to solve. Watching them dive is almost as much fun for their owners!

Whether a chew or interactive toy, or some  other unique plaything, Pet Goods has everything you need to keep your cat stimulated and active. Come by any of our locations to find out more about the cat toys discussed on this page.

Interactive Cat Toys

Interactive toys give your felines mentally and physically stimulating challenges. There are products with lights, balls, scratching features, catnip and combinations of these that encourage play and exercise. Get an organic cat scratcher with wheat grass or cat nip mixed in. Cats, natural nibblers of grass, will love it. Cats love to chase, stalk, and pounce on their favorite toys. Entertain their predatory with variety of cat and mouse options such as wobble mice or the classic mouse  encased in a mesh ball.

Cat Chew Toys

Chew toys keep felines busy. Generally, cats love to chew and gnaw. Their teeth have a design for hunting, for biting and tearing prey into small pieces. Cat chew toys allow these animals to indulge that characteristic. You want them to have access to recreation that minimizes restlessness and boredom. A chew toy is a great diversion. They will especially be entertained if the toy has the smell of catnip, or if the toy is hiding catnip or a treat. Such toys will keep your feline active for hours at a time. And better that she chews on that than your fingers and toes!

Unique Cat Toys

It’s not unusual for even the biggest lover of cats to forget their pets need mental and physical stimulation. Food, treats and affection are great, but you won’t find a single cat that wouldn’t take advantage of the fun behind a puzzle or challenging toy. At Pet Goods, we have toys that ask cats to uncover secrets or dig for prizes. Discover laser-based toys and dazzling cat teasers that will keep kitty running to and fro. Play domes let curiosity feed your cat as it tries to find treasures. Give them a toy filled with brightly colored and appealing objects to poke and play with.

The Best Cat Toys Are at Pet Goods

Pet Goods knows all your cat’s favorite games and we do our best to keep our inventory of cat toys fresh. Pet Goods has the newest  scratching posts, the plush chew toys and other unique items that promise to give you and your feline long term joy. Stop by our stores and add some toys to our kitty’s treasure trove of toys.

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