Cat Treats

We love to pamper our cats with toys, foods, affection and treats. Like all nutrition, what treats we give our felines require our attention. At Pet Goods, we carry all the treats a kitty could ever want. Stop in and stock up on the treats she craves.

Why Give Your Cat treats?

There are many reasons to give your cat treats, and absent any warning from the vet- no reason not to!  Consider all the benefits including:

  • Variety. Everyone loves a delicious snack and your kitty is no exception. While it is important to avoid upsetting your cat’s digestive system with varying brands of food, the occasional treat will be appreciated.
  • Training. Treats are excellent for reinforcing good behavior. But you want to avoid going overboard or you risk losing the treat’s influence.
  • Relieve stress. Treats can help felines cope. We may not see it, but our cats feel stress and treats can help them manage it the way we might with ice cream or pizza. Stress can also send a cat off their diet. Treats can encourage them to eat regularly again.
  • Clean teeth. The right treats will help clean teeth of plaque and tartar, as well as freshen breath via rosemary and chlorophyll extracts.
  • Interaction. Treats are a great way to connect with your cat. Treats reinforce the bond and show a bored or inactive cat you care.

Choosing the Right Cat Treats

Soft cat treats

Chewy, moist soft cat treats are excellent for the teeth and gums. There are a variety of flavors specific to cat tastes, including chicken, tuna and salmon. You can also get something like a party mix of original flavors. At Pet Goods, we carry all natural soft treats from the best manufacturers like Blue Buffalo.

Calming cat treats

These foods are designed with a formula for felines exposed to environmental stressors. Factors that stress your cat can range from moving to parties and fireworks. Calming treats can reduce stress, helping the feline quiet down and relax.

Freeze dried cat treats

The best freeze dried cat treats will have no chemicals, additives or preservatives. They provide high, natural proteins and let your animals know they are loved. Pet Goods keeps gourmet quality treats, solutions that will always be great tasting and fresh.

Cat treats at Pet Goods

At Pet Goods, we strive to keep healthy and fun treats for your furry friend. With four convenient locations, we are a leading local retailer of all things feline. Please stop by and talk with our knowledgeable staff about cat treats and which ones your kitty will love the most.

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