Cat Vitamins and Wellness

Protect your feline’s health with high quality cat vitamins and supplements that are formulated to help alleviate digestive problems, dental issues, allergies, stress and other conditions that are common among senior kitties. At Pet Goods, you’ll find a wide selection of multi vitamins for cats and kittens by the industry’s most trusted brands. Available in soft chews, tablets and savory gels that cats find irresistible, these nutritional supplements are a convenient way to keep your tabby or calico in tip-top shape. Your feline will love the appetizing chicken, cheese and liver flavors of vitamin pastes and chewables designed to optimize health, energy and vitality.

Cat Multivitamins

Just like their human parents, cats need a balanced diet with essential vitamins and minerals to stay in peak condition. Multi vitamins have been developed to help fill the nutritional gaps evident in some commercial cat foods, offering a simple and economical way to ensure your whiskered friend is getting the nutrients needed for a healthy and happy life. Today’s cat vitamins are formulated to promote digestive, cardiac and immune system health, and most are free of grain, wheat, corn and artificial preservatives. Did you know that senior kitties and pregnant cats can develop nutritional deficiencies that warrant supplementation? Ask your veterinarian about the best cat vitamins for your pet’s needs.

Cat Supplements

High calorie cat supplements and nutritional gels are ideal for helping sick kitties or fussy eaters put on much needed weight. Made with tempting malt, brewer’s yeast, fish and poultry flavors, cat supplements are a concentrated source of essential vitamins and minerals, plus Omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids. Antioxidants like Vitamin A, Vitamin E and zinc help bolster the immune system, while Omega fatty acids have been shown to improve healthy brain function, joint function and give your feline a shiny, lustrous skin and coat.

Senior Cat Supplements

If your feline is getting on in age, he or she may benefit from a senior cat supplement, made with high quality proteins, probiotics, amino acids and key minerals. Look for products that contain taurine, salmon oil and lysine, which support total health for kitties that are approaching their golden years. Soft chew tabs are easy on elder kitties that may be missing some teeth, and mouthwatering nutri gels can be licked right off your finger as a daily treat! Whether your beloved cat needs hip and joint protection, arthritis relief, or just a quality multi-vitamin to stay in shape, you’ll be sure to find the product you need at Pet Goods.

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