Dog Supplies and Accessories

A dog is man’s best friend, and your dog is a beloved family member. Get him all the dog accessories and supplies you both need at Pet Goods! From dog food and leashes to toys and furniture- stop in and stock up on all the essentials.

Dog Food and Treats

Today’s commercial dog foods provide complete and balanced nutrition that is so crucial to maintaining the health of your pet. Food choices for dogs feature many varieties specially designed to meet specific dietary and health needs while fitting in with your own budget and lifestyle. In our store, we offer both wet and dry foods.

Tasty dog treats are often a welcome addition to a dog’s diet. Depending on the type and variety, treats can also be another source of healthy protein. Dog treats also often helpful as a training tool, encouraging physical activity and mental focus.

Dog Collars, Harnesses and Leashes

Keep your pet safely restrained and identified with dog collars, leashes, and harnesses. A dog collar is a basic necessity so that your pal has a place to display his tags, but it can also make a fashion statement. In our store, we carry colors and styles to suit any taste.

Harnesses and leashes allow you to keep your dog safe and under control. They are available in a number of styles to fit your handling and training method, from front clip to tightening harnesses, vest designs, and more.

Dog Toys

PetGoods carries a large selection of appropriate dog toys to help your dog burn off energy and interact with his human friends in a productive way. For puppies, chew toys help with teething that the pooch might otherwise direct toward your furniture. For older dogs, they alleviate boredom and anxiety, providing much-needed mental stimulation.

A bored dog is often a destructive dog. Dog toys can keep your friend mentally stimulated and deter destruction when you are away from home. An added bonus is improved dental health if your dog chews on toys designed to clean their teeth. Some dog toys encourage eye-paw coordination to refocus your dog’s attention. Others bury edible treats to give your dog a goal to work toward.

Come into our store to find a dog toy that suits your pal’s play preferences. We carry extra durable toys for the over-sized chewer, hidden treat style toys to engage the food-motivated pooch, pull toys for the tug-of-rope lover, and stuffed critters for the dog who loves to hunt, just to name a few.

Other Dog Products

Come check out our wide array of other dog products to make your life as a dog owner easier and happier for you both.

Dog gates and kennels cut down on chaos with a new dog and are available in permanent mount, freestanding, temporary models, or even movable playpens. Use these products to ease the transition of a dog new to your home or control access to parts of the house. Whether you live in an apartment, have a deck, or need to secure a staircase, we carry dog gates to accommodate all kinds of living conditions.

Shop our selection of dog beds, feeding bowls, and other functional items that will look great in your home while keeping your pet comfortable. We offer sizes and selections that will appeal to any breed.

Cleanliness is next to dogliness! Help your pet look his best with our dog grooming supplies and pet apparel. And of course the most important way for your dog to look his best is by maintaining his health. For that, we offer a selection of canine medications, supplements, and flea control products.