Dog Beds

A good night’s sleep is just as important for dogs as for their owners. From support for spines and joints, to insulation that keeps them warm, to comfort that leads to a sense of security, Pet Goods will see to it that your canine rests well. Check out our selection of top-rated dog beds from today’s leading brands.

Large dog beds

If you want to encourage your big dog to stay out of your bed and off your furniture, give them a comfortable spot of their own. Leave a favorite toy in it to encourage use. Make it a safe place. For older dogs with joint issues, get a product lined with orthopedic foam and a low front profile for easy climbing into. These canines will be heavier so you want a bed of sturdy construction that will hold the weight.

Puppy beds

Puppies are babies and, like little tots, they’re prone to separation anxiety. But when a puppy is trained to use their own bed, they grow into adults that do so. These beds can be small enough to leave alongside the owner’s bed to minimize the puppy’s anxiety. You can enhance the experience with blankets, toys and other incentives.

Waterproof dog beds

If you camp, spend time in the backyard or journey in the wild, a waterproof dog bed will come in handy. You can get a cot or a durable pillow. The product you choose will be water resistant and can be cleaned with the simple wipe of a damp cloth. They can also be brought indoors.

If you want to make the process of finding a bed for your dog as simple and successful as possible, stop by a local Pet Goods store in New Jersey or New York. Our team of specialists will ensure you pick a product that will become your dog’s favorite place to get a refreshing night’s rest.

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