Dog Crates and Kennels

Pet Goods has an amazing selection of dog crates and kennels for breeds both large and small. Visit our stores where you’ll find the most respected names in dog carriers, dog cages and puppy crates, with affordably-priced products from top brands. Canines have a natural urge to den in a safe, comfortable space. Give your furry friend exactly what he or she craves with a quality dog kennel or fold away crate that can be easily stored in tight spaces.

Does your pup suffer from separation anxiety? An appropriately-sized dog crate outfitted with a soft blanket and their favorite chew toys can make all the difference in the world. Fido will soon come to view his dog crate as a sanctuary of peace and relaxation. Made of plastic, metal and stylish fabrics, dog crates come in a variety of shapes and models. Choose from soft-sided collapsible crates that are made to travel, or sturdy metal crates with secure locking systems. Premium single-door dog crates with removable plastic floor trays are some of our best sellers, giving dog owners a versatile cage that is easy to set up with no tools required.

Dog Kennels

Lightweight dog kennels are mobile and designed for traveling. Featuring steel doors and durable construction, dog kennels are available in sizes extra small to extra large. Some models have special compartments for storing treasured treats and toys, making vet trips and longer adventures both comfortable and enjoyable. Good ventilation and visibility are hallmarks of today’s canine kennels, available in a rainbow of beautiful colors – from hot pink to sage green. If your pooch is earning frequent flier miles, check out our spacious airline-approved dog kennels that come with personalized name plates and secure locking doors. For toy breeds – dogs up to 12 pounds—consider a soft-side kennel with zipper opening and mesh panels.

Dog Cages

Pet Goods stocks a big inventory of soft-sided, collapsible and portable dog cages and pens, including deluxe models that double as a stylish home. Quality materials and craftsmanship ensure that your pooch is safe and secure, whether the cage is used for a play area, temporary containment or as a training tool.   Pop-up fabric cages provide Fido with a contained play area wherever you go. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use, dog pens provide them with some quality exercise time and can be assembled in just minutes.

Puppy Crates

Why pay more for puppy crates and carriers when Pet Goods has the most competitive prices on name brands you have come to trust? Featuring sturdy metal construction and leak-proof removable trays, puppy crates are great for house training your new family addition. Featherweight crates are equipped with comfortable handles and fold away flat when not in use.

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