Dog Flea and Tick Treatment

Keep your pooch healthy and happy with regular flea and tick treatment that eliminates pests and prevents infestations in your home and yard. At Pet Goods, we have dog flea treatments that repel and kill fleas at all life stages, available in monthly topical treatments, sprays, pills and dips. With today’s fast-acting formulas, your canine will never be bothered by ticks or fleas again. Periodic use of flea and tick treatments that are specially formulated for canine safety promise to keep Fido itch-free and protected from parasitic diseases. Visit our stores, where you’ll find quality flea and tick prevention products designed for puppies and dogs from leading brands.

Puppy & Dog Flea Treatment

Persistent scratching is a tell-tale sign that Spot has fleas. Much more than a nuisance, fleas can bother your beloved canine any season, not just summer. Flea bites and chronic scratching can lead to hair loss and skin problems in pups with serious flea allergies, so it’s best to nip the problem quickly. Dog flea pills, sprays and topical chemical treatments are some of the most effective ways to rid your pooch of fleas. Most flea pills kill 90 percent of pests within an hour, while spot treatments can take three days to work. Pet Goods has the best flea treatments designed for small and large dogs that banish fleas for several months. Flea and tick control products contain powerful insect growth regulators that can eliminate chewing lice. For a more natural approach, look for flea treatments made with pet-safe essential oils like lemongrass, mint and cinnamon.

Dog Flea Collars

Whether you have a miniature dachshund or a Saint Bernard, you’ll find that dog flea medicine is an integral part to canine care. Today’s dog flea collars offer protection for up to seven months and keep working even if Fido gets wet. Flea collars have patented insecticide-release technology that kills fleas and disease-carrying ticks within hours. Protect your furry companion with quality flea prevention products at Pet Goods, where you can buy universal-fit collars that are odorless and easy to apply.

Dog Tick Treatment

Keep ticks under control for months at a time with dog tick collars, sprays and topical treatments that are convenient and affordable. Dog tick treatments have active ingredients that are proven to repel and kill ticks upon contact. Safeguard your canine from tick-borne ailments like Ehrlichia and Lyme Disease that can affect people as well as pets. For a wide selection of flea and tick shampoo formulated for puppies and dogs, visit your nearest Pet Goods store.

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