Pet Odor Eliminator

Like any member of the family, we love our pets and accept the shortcomings of having them in our lives. One of those little annoyances are the smells and stains our animals can leave around the house. Dealing with odors has to be a regular practice. Something like urine stains will gradually release tiny, if minute, toxins in the air. This is a health risk, especially if kids play on the floors or sit on the furnishings for long periods of time.

Pet Goods can take the trouble out of removing pet stains new and old. We can also show you preventative products that should be used regularly to minimize odors before they strike.

Dog odor eliminator

At Pet Goods, we keep a variety of products that promise to eliminate odors, not mask them. We have powders designed to seep into carpet fibers, breaking down components that generate odors and leave stains. There are cleansers and sprays ready for specific situations such as odors in unique fabrics and even hard elements like wood.

Dog stain remover

We love our canines but the stains they sometimes leave behind can be exasperating and difficult to remove. Fortunately, with the latest dog stain removers from Pet Goods, pet owners can simply reach for a product that promises to get rid of that unsightly eyesore and lets them go on loving their pooches. You’ll be comfortable knowing that when family and guests are enjoying your home, there are no stains or lingering odors.

Dog urine spray

Urine sprays require a unique formulation. This is because urine has a mix of hormones, enzymes and ammonia that can be tough to conquer. Its odor will get worse and the stain harder to remove. The right spray loosens the urine – whether it’s in your carpets or couch cushions. We can even provide you with safe products that can influence canines to not return to the area and repeat their actions.

Managing pet odors with Pet Goods

From the best dog odor eliminators to tasty treats that help train pets to not make mistakes in the first place, Pet Goods is your go-to location for anything and everything in animal care. Come by one of our stores and learn what you can do to keep areas clean and your air fresh.

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