Dog Toys

From a wide array of traditional chew toy options to the latest interactive toys for your dog, Pet Goods has the selection to fully satisfy both owners and their pets. Our stores are fun and great reminders of why we love our pet pooches. If you have a dog, we encourage you to come by one of our stores and explore the full range of dog toys available at Pet Goods.

Chew toys

In general, dogs love to chew. Chewing is a natural stress reliever for canines. It’s why dogs gnaw at your favorite shoes and furnishings. The chewing calms them, releasing hormones that make your dog feel good. Our chew toys will keep your dog busy and happy. These toys are also a great tool for teaching dogs to use their prearranged sleeping area. Simply leave the toy where you want them to rest.

Indestructible dog toys

Not every dog toy is suitable for every canine. Dogs come in all sizes and personalities. One dog will be tougher on toys than another. Pet Goods has what you need for the more aggressive pet, the one that needs something that won’t go down without a fight. Whether plush or solid, our indestructible dog toys will help keep their teeth clean and last a lifetime.

Interactive dog toys

Dogs like to play and burn off energy. Dogs also love a challenge. It’s why when you throw that ball or Frisbee, they go looking for it. Our canine pets also love a mental challenge. Interactive dog toys and feeders don’t just keep them occupied. These items keep dogs stimulated as they try to figure out what’s the next step in the puzzle.

Other dog toys

There are so many types of toys for your canine, we couldn’t list them all here. There are training toys that help with teething. There are safe, self-amusement toys to take out when the dog’s left alone. Dogs also benefit from plush toys. They find them comforting, often bonding and sleeping with them.

Find dog chew toys and more at Pet Goods

The history of Pet Goods is defined by a love of animals and understanding why you treat them like members of the family. That’s why our shelves flow with the supplies you need to give your dog the best care it can get. We invite every dog lover to come by one of our stores. Our team will help you find exactly what you need, or you can just browse and discover.

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