Dog Treats

We feed our canine pals dog treats to express our love in terms they can understand. But it’s important to know that all treats are not created equal, however, and not every store vets the type of treats they stock like we do at Pet Goods. Stop by one of our stores and treat your doggie to some of his old favorites and some new ones he might enjoy too!

Dog Bones

The dog bone. The quintessential canine treat. Chew bones are a great tool for managing your dog’s behavior. A bored dog is a destructive dog. Refocus energy and attention by giving this entertaining, irresistible treat. At Pet Goods, we carry a variety of premium quality chew bones to accommodate your pup’s size, age, and interest. Our sales team is available to help you find the safest and best dog bones for your buddy.

Choose from ham bones, beef bones, knuckles, peanut butter filled choices, and more! Remember- dogs should be supervised while enjoying their bones. And make sure they have plenty of water as bone chewing can be thirsty business.

Rawhide Bones

Rawhide bones are another classic dog treat that satiate the need to chew. Save your shoes and furniture and give dogs something they can happily destroy and devour. Canines chew for many reasons. Anxiety, boredom, teething, or illness can exacerbate their compulsion. Having a fully stocked pantry of rawhide bones can help channel that energy into something that is good for their oral hygiene, amusing, and tasty.

At Pet Goods, we carry the highest quality rawhides for your dog with varying ingredients and textures to suit the needs of your particular pet. Choose from rawhide chips, strips, and rolls in a variety of your dog’s favorite flavors and fillings. Ask our sales team about some of our best selling rawhide bones and get recommendations for some new options.

Dental Bones and Other Dog Treats

Dental dog bones are a good alternative, recommended by veterinarians. Dogs can suffer from periodontal disease just like humans – which can cause tooth loss and widespread damage to organs if bacteria gets into the bloodstream. A dental bone or chew gently scrubs tartar off the teeth as the dogs enjoy tasty natural flavors. Jerky treats are another one of the more popular products on the market.

Many modern dog treats are labeled “grain-free” or “gluten-free,” meaning that they are made without wheat, barley, rye. You may be wondering, “Does my dog need a grain-free diet?” Proponents of grain-free diets argue that grains are not foods dogs would eat if they lived in the wild. Other reasons for providing grain-free dog treats are food allergies. Top allergens include: beef, dairy, and corn. Your dog may be suffering from a food allergy if there is itching, hair loss, hot spots, vomiting, or diarrhea. Speak with a vet before changing diets. And then come to Pet Goods to find other dog treats your pup can tolerate.

Buy Dog Snacks and Other Treats at PetGoods

Come visit our knowledge staff at one of four superstore locations. We pride ourselves on offering the most advanced nutritional formulas to meet your pet’s needs. From high quality wet and dry snacks, to frozen raw food products and rawhides from reliable sources.

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Showing all 12 results