Fish Supplies

At Pet Goods, you can shop brand name fish supplies, products and accessories, including tanks, filters, UV sterilizers, filter media, thermometers and all your aquarium and ponding needs. Browse our huge selection of air pumps, skimmers, gravel, stands and specialized equipment for your freshwater or saltwater tank. Looking for the best deals on aquarium decor, salt mixes or reef additives? From whisper-quiet water pumps to algae control treatments, you’ll find all of your pet fish needs in one friendly superstore – Pet Goods. We are proud to carry some of the most trusted names in fish food, aquarium supplies, pond accessories and water maintenance.

Thinking about setting up a starter freshwater tank with some goldfish, mollies or guppies? Studies have shown the relaxing, mood-enhancing benefits of watching fish swim about in a well-stocked aquarium. Fish make excellent pets, are easy to care for and – believe it or not – have distinct personalities. Whether you’re a budding fish hobbyist or a veteran koi breeder, Pet Goods is your source for discount fish accessories, filtration products, fish healthcare and supplies.

Fish Products

There are thousands of fish species that make great aquarium pets, from gouramis and neon tetras to bottom-feeding plecos. Ensure your aquatic companions live a healthy and happy life with quality fish products and water filtration systems that keep tanks clean and pH levels balanced. Our inventory includes starter aquarium kits that are perfect for kids, water conditioners and clarifiers, reef sand, organic substrates and aquatic plant care supplements. Natural driftwood, plants and ornaments offer fantastic visual appeal, while providing more diversity to your fish’s habitat. Aquarium bubble rings, equipped with LED lights, improve aeration and aesthetics.

Pond owners will appreciate our automatic fish feeders, protein skimmers and multi-stage canister filters that provide cleaner, healthier water. Our well-informed staff can help you pick out filter media that helps control ammonia and nitrate levels. Ultraviolet sterilizers keep bacteria, viruses and free-floating algae in check, and are an essential purchase for any pond or aquarium enthusiast.

Fish Accessories

Beyond a healthy diet and water quality, fish have specific temperature requirements. Digital thermometers for fresh and marine aquariums provide accurate readings in seconds. Browse our submersible aquarium water heaters and chillers, featuring compact designs, durable construction and automatic shut-off protection. Protect the welfare of your scaled friends with regular water testing. Pet Goods has testing strips and kits for fresh and saltwater environments as well as pH regulators, ammonia removers and healthy aquarium bacteria.