Fish Food

Pet Goods has fish food for every aquatic pet, from algae eaters to bottom feeders, freshwater to saltwater, and much more. Like any other creature, fish require a nutritious, vitamin-rich diet to avoid deficiencies and health issues. They can suffer improper or stunted growth, and weakened immune systems. From flakes to pellets to live food, Pet Goods offers a range of top-rated products to suit the dietary needs of all the life in your aquarium. Come out to a Pet Goods store and let one of our aquarium experts take all the guesswork out of finding nutritious meals for your underwater friends.

Fish pellets

There are two types of pellet: floating and sinking. Sinking pellets are best for bottom feeders and fish that will eat before the food touches the bottom of the tank. Floating food is designed for fish that need a larger size of food. Pellets tend to be the least expensive option on the fish menu, and you can find options with unique formulas that will not cloud the water in your aquarium.

Live fish food

For most live foods, you need a closed container, a starter culture, and water. It has to be administered carefully. Most of these products are bred specifically for feeding. Experienced hobbyists have the talent for picking, raising and distributing the right live food. This food can be difficult to find and manage, especially for beginners. Microworms are a common food and easy to farm. Pet Goods can also show you alternatives to live food, such as freeze dried and frozen.

Fish food flakes

Flakes come in a variety of options, including vegetarian, brine, color enhancing and specialty, as well as basic and goldfish flake. Each has its advantages for certain breeds. Fish stomachs can vary as much as their diets and the wrong kind of flake can cause serious health issues for a fish.

It’s important to know what kinds of fish are in your tank. Some species can safely eat the same foods. In some cases, you may be advised to mix feeds to ensure all your fish are safely getting the right meals.

Make sure your fish always have the right foods. Talk with a fish food expert at Pet Goods today!

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