Fish Tank & Aquarium Filters

Here at Pet Goods, we can help you select the right fish tank filter for your aquarium. Fish filters and media are designed to maintain water quality by removing ammonia, debris and other toxic waste. Having a clean and well-aerated fish tank is critical your pet’s health, which is why it’s important to invest in a quality filtration system.

Fish Tank Filters

Fish tank filters are suitable for aquariums of varying capacity, and are an economical way to ensure the health of your pet fish. If you’re setting up a new tank or want to upgrade your current system, Pet Goods has a great selection of high quality aquarium filters and fish tank filtration supplies at affordable price points. Our inventory includes canister filters, internal fish filters, undergravel filters and power filters for aquariums by the industry’s top-rated brands.

Aquarium Filter

Most aquarists look to power filters for long-term ease of maintenance. Power filters are inexpensive, easy to install and use replaceable filter cartridges for mechanical, chemical and biological filtration. Internal aquarium filters are compact, feature quiet motor operation, and are easy to camouflage behind fish tank décor. Better yet, they deliver powerful 3-stage filtration for crystal clear water. For those who need heavy-duty filtration, an external canister aquarium filter removes contaminants from fresh and saltwater tanks and its large size accommodates filter media that promote healthy bacterial growth. For smaller tanks or fish bowls, consider an undergravel filter, which purifies and aerates water naturally.

Aquarium Filter Media

When setting up your aquarium, pay extra attention to the types of filter media used to develop a healthy ecosystem. Filter pads, filter floss and foam blocks are just some examples of mechanical aquarium filter media used to remove course debris and finer particles for clean, healthy water. Biological filter media, such as porous lava rocks and bio balls house beneficial bacteria needed in the nitrogen cycle. Chemical media, like activated carbon pads, are the best way to remove dissolved contaminants from your tank. You’ll find all types of aquarium filter media, as well as filter bags, disposable filter cartridges and filter insert foam for fish tanks large and small at Pet Goods.

Aquarium Filtration Systems

If you are searching for fish aquarium filters at the lowest prices, we offer a huge range of filtration systems and media types that cater to all budgets. Whether you have a 15-gallon tank or a 250-gallon aquarium, a good filtration system will keep inhabitants healthy and happy for years to come. We carry a range of aquarium equipment designed for fresh and saltwater habitats.

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