Fish Tank Gravel & Decorations

Pet Goods carries a large selection of fish tank gravel and decorations by top quality brands. If you’re setting up a new habitat for your pet fish, you’ll find low everyday prices on decorative sand, aquarium gravel, aquatic planting media and all of your aquarium needs. Ideal substrates for reef, saltwater or African cichlid tanks, smooth Aragonite aquarium sand is one of the best ways to buffer pH levels without the addition of strong chemicals. Colorful fish tank gravels, pebbles and sands provide more than just aesthetic appeal and floor covering. These substrates also promote the health and vitality of your fish by naturally removing nitrogenous waste and restoring the water’s natural balance of beneficial bacteria.

Fish tank decorations

Turn your fresh or saltwater aquarium into a stunning visual masterpiece with unique fish tank decorations from Pet Goods. Visit our stores where you’ll discover a huge variety of aquarium décor, including silk and plastic aquarium plants in all colors and sizes, red lava rock accents and whimsical ornaments that offer shelter and fun hiding places. Watch your goldfish frolic in the cozy nooks and crannies of their very own magic castle, gazebo or pirate ship. Made with non-toxic, fish-safe materials, aquarium decorations add a splash of color and texture while also helping to alleviate stress and boredom.

Fish tank gravel

At Pet Goods, you’ll find a rainbow of fish tank gravel colors that will accent any aquarium, pond or terrarium. Aquarium gravel really pops under LED lighting and can accentuate the lively colors of your pet fish. Create a brilliant space for your scaled friends with some of our best-selling colors, including: marine blue, currant red, purple, bronze, emerald green and yellow. Can’t decide on one color? Go for one of our premium gravel blends featuring earth toned pebbles, fluorescent hues or pastel colors that add depth and charm to your fish tank. Natural fish tank gravel is also colorfast and won’t disrupt water chemistry.

Fish tank sand

Looking for fish tank sand and natural substrates for your salt or freshwater aquarium? Live sands are especially useful for large fish tanks, where ammonia levels can build up quickly. Aquatic substrates promote the cycling of healthy bacteria, which break down fish waste and harmful debris. Fish tank gravel and sands not only simulate a more natural environment, they help showcase vibrant reef coral, decorative plants and your fish’s iridescent, shimmering colors.

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