Fish Water Care

At Pet Goods, we stock all types of fish water care products by the industry’s leading brands. Shop from our large inventory of water conditioners, water buffers, pH conditioners, aquarium salts, live bacteria additives and algae control treatments for aquariums and ponds. Get your fresh or saltwater tank properly conditioned and pH neutral with the right water treatments. Having problems with cloudy or murky water in your tank? Aquarium water clarifiers clear organic debris and suspended particulates, restoring a crystal-clear look. For all of your fresh and saltwater fish tank care needs, you can count on Pet Goods for great selection and unbeatable prices.

Saltwater Fish Tank Care

Keep your colorful marine fish, corals and invertebrates healthy by ensuring the water quality, pH and salinity are just right. Saltwater aquariums are a bit more challenging to maintain, but with diligence and the right products, even novice hobbyists can enjoy the majestic beauty of a natural reef tank. At Pet Goods, you’ll find great deals on aquarium reef salts, saltwater testing kits, bacteria supplements, marine water buffers and algaecides that control red slime and green algae so common in saltwater tanks. Saltwater conditioners instantly neutralize chlorine while reducing ammonia, nitrates and other toxins released by fish waste.

Freshwater Fish Tank Care

Setting up a brand new freshwater aquarium? Swing by your neighborhood Pet Goods store for all your freshwater fish tank care products. From pH boosters/reducers and water conditioners to biological enhancers, you can create a safe aquarium habitat for your pet fish. We carry water care products that help reduce fish stress stemming from injury or disease, and water buffers that set freshwater at a neutral pH. Freshwater tank test kits and strips let you monitor levels of NO2, NO3, KH and GH. Watch your tetras, plecos and mollies thrive with freshwater aquarium care products from Pet Goods.

Fish Tank Water Treatment

If you have questions about fish tank water treatment for your fresh or saltwater environment, just ask one of our knowledgeable staff. At Pet Goods, we understand the importance of water chemistry for fish health and can point you in the right direction. If you’re using H2O from the tap, you’ll need a quality water conditioner to remove heavy metals and lessen ammonia and nitrite toxicity. Doing a major water change? Ask about our aquarium water treatments that regulate alkalinity and reduce harmful nitrates and phosphates.

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