Reptile Bedding, Carpet & Bark

Welcome to Pet Goods, your number one source for reptile bedding, sand and bark for your favorite snake, tortoise, turtle, iguana or lizard. We have a variety of natural substrates that are exclusively made for your cold-blooded, scaly friends. Does your chameleon or iguana like to burrow and nest at the bottom of his terrarium? Visit Pet Goods for an excellent selection of bedding substrates that are perfect for humidity-loving reptiles. Premium bark bedding retains ambient moisture for several weeks, and is a great ground cover for cages containing forest-dwelling pets. The right type of snake, lizard or turtle bedding, whether made of coconut husk, bark or sand, helps to simulate your pet’s natural habitat.

Reptile bedding

With natural reptile bedding, you can give your terrarium an authentic forest floor appearance. At Pet Goods, our shelves are stocked with quality terrarium bedding and substrates for many species of lizards, land turtles and snakes. Some substrates like cypress mulch bedding and reptile bark are also suited for frogs, toads, salamanders and pet tarantulas. Desert dwellers like bearded dragons and collared lizards usually prefer sand substrates that encourage natural digging behaviors. Ultra fine sand bedding has no added colors and is an excellent heat conductor. Transform your frog or reptile terrarium into a lush jungle with moss bedding made with peat and Spanish moss.

Reptile carpet

If you prefer a soft, non-abrasive carpet for your pet’s habitat, Pet Goods carries reptile carpet from leading brands. These absorbent, no-mess liners are an easy alternative to other substrate options. Reptile carpet made with eco-friendly materials is washable and a snap to clean. Astro turf style carpets can irritate the skin of some reptiles. Provide the best reptile bedding for your lizard, tortoise or turtle with quality eco carpet available in green or brown colors.

Reptile bark

Reptile parents have tons of options when it comes to what their scaly companion sleeps on. Of all terrarium substrates, reptile bark is one of the most popular. Natural bark bedding contains no toxic oils and is safe for turtles, lizards and all snake species. Some brands feature fir bark, while others are made with highly absorbent coconut bark that holds moisture and promotes egg incubation. Wild reptiles have a natural urge to burrow while sleeping. Moisture-retaining reptile mulch and bark gives your pet iguana, snake, tortoise or gecko a natural floor covering to hide in. Premium reptile bark is thoroughly cleaned of large pieces, dirt and powdery dust, allowing for easy clean-up.

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