Reptile Food

Choose from a smorgasbord of reptile food at Pet Goods. We’re ready to make sure every pet owner finds everything they need to keep their favorite reptile healthy, vitalized and happy. From live mice to crickets, our experts can advise you as to which diet options are right for your particular breed of reptile.

Choosing reptile food

Exotic and fun, reptiles live longer and healthier when provided with the vitamins, calcium and supplements they need. Small lizards can live on a diet of insects dusted with supplements. Many lizards and snakes can sustain themselves on a rodent, in some cases needing only one or two meals in a single week. Other items on the reptile menu include crickets, mealworms, lobster roaches and silk moth larvae.


Mealworms are an excellent resource for helping insectivorous reptiles manage body mass. They can be farmed by owners or bought dried and in bulk. Many types of reptiles, including turtles and geckos, enjoy mealworms. They are rich in proteins and fat, and make for a great energy boosting meal for reptiles. The king mealworm has become a popular food for larger reptiles.

Feeder crickets

Crickets are part of the live feeder category and are a staple on the menu of many a lizard. You can purchase crickets or buy a kit that lets you breed and raise them on your own. There are varying sizes of crickets for different sized reptiles. When you feed your reptile crickets, they are ingesting a combination of iron, calcium, zinc and vitamin B12. For reptiles, this is the equivalent of a good steak or hamburger.

Frozen feeder mice

Frozen feeder rodents are the safest way to get your snakes and other carnivorous reptiles their favorite meals. If your snake feeds on rodents and you’re one of the many squeamish about managing live mice, frozen feed is the option you want. Pinkie mouse are for smaller reptiles. As they grow, pets will graduate to larger sizes of mice and rats, and frozen options will make that progression easy to handle.

With convenient locations in New York and New Jersey, Pet Goods encourages everyone thinking about getting a reptile to come by one of our superstores. From choosing habitat accessories to nutrition, we have everything you need to set yourself up as a satisfied pet reptile owner.

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