Reptile Habitats

Building a great new home for your pet snake, lizard, dragon or turtle is as easy as making a stop at Pet Goods. From tanks to terrariums, our experts can help you construct an environment that imitates the habitat your reptile would occupy in the wild. Find the right enclosure to ensure the life-long vitality and wellbeing of your favorite cold-blooded companion.

Reptile terrarium

Terrariums are a wonderful option, as you can design an amazing landscape and let your pet immerse itself climbing, eating, resting and more. The environment can include a broad range of accessories for your reptile that will both make them comfortable and fascinating to watch. There are rock ledges and hammocks. Put a backdrop of a jungle or desert to make the terrarium more like home.

Whether you have a dragon or frogs, Pet Goods can show you how to pick the right terrarium and its accessories.

Reptile cages

Cages are best for reptiles that need an airflow not available with enclosed environments. One example is a chameleon. They are also excellent for snakes. Smaller cages are traditionally better options for younger reptiles.

A plastic cage is easy to keep clean. They’re also lightweight and transportable. For an extensive selection of reptile cage models, come out to Pet Goods. We guarantee you’ll find the right home for your pet.

Reptile tank

Tanks tend to be of stronger construction and suited for bigger, heavier animals. These tanks can be made of durable plastic or glass with a sturdy frame. You can complement them with lids, heating pads, air pumps and anything else you need to make your reptile comfortable.

Pet Goods can walk you through every step for choosing the right reptile tank.

Pet Goods knows reptile habitats

When it comes to creating a reptile habitat, it’s about choosing an environment where snakes can properly thermoregulate temperatures. Get all the details on how to choose and upgrade habitats for your growing iguana or other pet.

A Pet Goods superstore is the ideal place for getting all your reptile habitat questions answered and to start building a safe and happy home for your pet.

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