Reptile Heat Lamp

Reptile heat lamps, rocks and basking lights are important for your pet’s health and longevity. Discover a great selection of reptile heating and lighting products for snakes, turtles, tortoises and lizards at Pet Goods. Reptile heating bulbs, mats and spot lights give your scaly friend the comfort and warmth needed to promote wellbeing. Create a warm basking area for your pet reptile with a dome heat lamp that is safe for all types of terrariums. With our wide range of reptile heating products you can design the ideal lighting solution for your land or water-based reptiles.

Reptile Heating Pad

Reptile heating pads and under tank mats provide a 24-hour heat source for desert or tropical reptile species. Visit Pet Goods for great deals on quality, low wattage heaters that are designed to increase the ambient air temperature of your terrarium up to 10 degrees warmer. Under tank reptile heaters cost a few pennies a day to operate, and are powered by a solid state nichrome heating element. Energy efficient heating pads are affixed to terrariums with adhesive and allow your pet to thermo-regulate.

Reptile Lights

Reptile heat emitters and basking lights come in variety of styles, power elements and models. Choose from inexpensive halogen heat lamps, dual temperature basking heaters and daylight bulbs that provide healthy UVA rays. Looking for an infrared nocturnal bulb that doesn’t disrupt your reptile’s circadian rhythm? Ask our helpful staff about the best reptile lights, lamps and bulbs for your pet’s particular needs. Our inventory includes basking spot lamps for reptiles, incandescent spot bulbs for viewing nocturnal behavior, as well as light and heat combo fixtures for bearded dragons, iguanas and other popular reptile pets.

Reptile Heater

Reptile thermoregulation is critical for your pet’s metabolism, digestion and overall health. One of the easiest ways to simulate the sun’s warmth is with a reptile heating element. Pet Goods has natural-looking, water-resistant rock heaters in various sizes, as well as dual basking reptile heaters that maintain ideal terrarium temperatures. Looking for a cheap ceramic infrared heat emitter for your pet tortoise or python? Ceramic heat emitters release low wavelength infrared emissions to warm your pet’s muscles quickly and safely. Pet Goods is your source for low prices on quality reptile heaters, thermostat controls and reptile UV flood lamps suitable for high and low humidity tanks.

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