Small Animal Supplies and Accessories

Small animals are ideal pets for apartments, children, and individuals looking for easier maintenance. Whether you choose a hamster, guinea pig, rabbit, mouse, ferret, or other pet, we have all the small animal supplies and accessories you need to make your new family member feel right at home. If you have any questions, our New York and New Jersey store associates are happy to help you sort through the wide selection of affordable items.

Food and Treats

No matter what small pet you choose Pet Goods offers a wide array of small animal food options to keep them healthy and happy. The main sources of food for rabbits, for instance, include hay and plain pellets, with green leaf lettuces and sweet carrots. They like apple and banana slices, fragrant herbs, and hulled sunflower seeds as occasional treats. Give your adorable critters the nutrition they require with specially formulated pelleted diets. Find quality food high in protein and fiber that supports a strong immune system and healthy reproduction.

Small Animal Bedding and Accessories

Before you buy your tiny furry friend, you should have a safe, clean habitat ready. A secure cage, soft bedding, nutritious food, a water bottle or bowl, moisture-absorbing odor-control litter, and indestructible toys are important for keeping your animal healthy and happy.

You will find many different small animal accessories in our stores, depending on what type of animal you buy. Nowadays, there are guinea pig, gerbil, ferret, hamster and chinchilla habitats that contain slides, ramps, hide-aways, exercise wheels, tubes, tunnels, and all sorts of fun additions.

From woven grass play balls for rabbits and fleece ferret hammocks, to edible activity logs guinea pigs love and chewing cube food puzzles for rats, there is no shortage of options to make your pet’s life more interesting or comfortable.

Rabbit Supplies

Whether you choose to keep your rabbit indoors or outdoors, choose a comfortable hutch with a solid floor, or cover mesh flooring with cardboard or newspaper. Some rabbits feel more secure if they have a “hidey box” or a blanket somewhere in the cage where they can huddle.

For play, rabbits are like toddlers in that they are delighted by objects they can move and manipulate — so you can give your pet hard plastic baby toys, boxes, and vegetable parchment chew tubes for hours of fun. You may want to buy a dog run to give the rabbit supervised “free roam” in a safe enclosure outside. Some pet owners prefer to leash train their bunnies on a special harness made specifically for delicate rabbit bodies.

Grooming supplies – particularly for long-haired rabbits – may include a wire brush or comb, nail clippers, and tearless critter shampoo.

Hamster Supplies

A cage is often the first of the hamster supplies you’ll consider. Additional hamster accessories include:

  • 1-2 inches of soft bedding, which may vary depending on the species. (Ask a store associate for help!)
  • Hide houses are ideal for the psychological health of your pet, as these small animals need places to hide so they can feel secure.
  • Exercise wheels are important for hamsters who thrive on staying busy and fit. Some units go inside the cages, while others may be stand-alone or “roller” balls that move freely around the home.
  • Chew toys give your animal an outlet for stress and satisfy the need to shred.

Buying your first small animal supplies and accessories is all part of the fun in owning a little pet. Let us be your source for all the creature comforts your new family member needs. Stop by to speak with a sales associate for more information.