Small Animal Bedding

Pet Goods has the right stuff every home needs to ensure small animals have a comfortable and healthy living space. Find a wide array of animal bedding to ensure your pet gets to enjoy the very best of creature comforts.

It is instinctive for animals to seek out the best and most comfortable ways to support their bodies when stationary or resting. They find organic materials to minimize heat loss, to reduce pressure on their skin, and to avoid cross contamination produced by other animals and those they share living spaces with.

Hamster bedding

Typically, hamsters sleep on bits and pieces of wood. In the wild, they’ll create a bed from what they can find in this category. Your pet is fortunate. You can stop by a Pet Goods store! We have wood litter, confetti and recycled paper from manufacturers like Carefresh and Cosy Pocket, superior products that ensure your hamster is always safe and comfortable.

Rabbit bedding

Rabbits are scavengers and can rest under a number of conditions. They like softwood litter like sawdust and pine shavings, newspaper, wood or paper pellets, straw and hay, and cardboard. Each has its pros and cons. For instance, rabbits will rip newspaper up and, if they eat it, risk ill aftereffects from the ink. If using sawdust, the area has to be sufficiently ventilated as your pet could suffer respiratory problems from inhalation. At Pet Goods, we will show you the latest and safest products for rabbit bedding.

More small animal bed options

The majority of small pets instinctively burrow, tunnel and nest. Their bedding options will play a part in this. Keep a dedicated space for your pet to sleep in. Let the pros at Pet Goods walk you through the many options in bedding – pelleting, toxic free aspen, corncob – and why one works better for a particular type of animal than another.

Pet Goods has everything you need to find the right bedding for your small pet. Our staff of experts can walk you through the do’s and don’ts, including how often bedding should be changed and how size plays a big part in choice. We’ll show you waste-absorbing products and other accessories. Give us a call or come by one of our convenient New Jersey or New York locations when it’s time to choose your small pet bedding. You’ll learn how to create a healthy environment ensuring your pet’s happiness.

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