Small Animal Cages & Habitats

Visit Pet Goods for a wide assortment of small animal cages that are ideal for your pet hamster, rabbit, guinea pig, gerbil, ferret or chinchilla. We have small animal habitats and enclosures suited for critters that love to hop, burrow, spin their exercise wheels, or spend their days munching on alfalfa. Why give your furry companion a tiny habitat when you can provide them with a spacious 2-story home, complete with nesting and play areas? At Pet Goods, you’ll find rabbit hutches, hamster cages and guinea pig habitats in varying styles, sizes and price points. Our inventory includes affordable starter cages for small pets that snap together in minutes, as well as multi-level habitats that resemble a luxury mansion.

Hamster Cages and Habitats

Give your Teddy Bear or dwarf hamster all he’ll ever need for a safe and happy life with a deluxe hamster habitat, available in bright and exciting colors. Roomy one and two-level hamster cages are designed to optimize the quality of your little guy’s life, and feature exercise wheels, fun exploring tunnels, nesting areas, and removable petting zones. Most models come with integrated food dishes and water bottles and have high base walls to prevent bedding spillover. Narrow wire spacing ensures your nocturnal companion won’t escape while you snooze. And detachable plastic bases make clean-up a breeze.

Rabbit Cages and Habitats

Here at Pet Goods, some of our best-selling rabbit cages and habitats offer plenty of room for exercise. Bunnies large and small love to play and hop. Treat your lovable pet to a spacious rabbit cage kitted out with different platforms joined by ramps. Made of durable plastic, powder-coated metal and weatherproof materials, rabbit cages come in one, two and three-story designs, and feature pull-out plastic trays topped by a removable floor grid for easy maintenance. Assembly is easy with no need for tools.

Guinea Pig Cages and Habitats

Pamper your guinea pig with a premium enclosure fit for a king! At Pet Goods, you’ll find quality guinea pig cages by the pet industry’s leading brands. Though diminutive in size, guinea pigs are quite active and need daily exercise for their health and longevity. Browse our guinea pig habitats that feature plenty of space for your pet to roam, socialize and play. Most cages include hay feeders, lock-in-place doors that double as ramps, and leak-proof detachable trays for hassle-free cleaning. Some even fold flat for convenient storage.

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