Small Animal Food

When it comes to feeding, whether your small pet has fins or fur, they need a nutritious diet designed specifically for them. At Pet Goods, whether it’s hay, pellets or fresh vegetables, whether you have a hamster, chinchilla, turtle or other small animal, we can make sure your small pet’s diet is appropriate and enjoyable.

Rabbit food

Rabbits should be fed quality hay and pellets. They can also eat oat hay and fresh vegetables.

Pellets need to be high in fiber. Buy and store only about six weeks worth of feed at any time. Younger rabbits can have alfalfa pellets while older ones should have timothy. As for vegetables, go with dark leafs and root veggies. Introduce the rabbit to vegetables slowly. Older rabbits should have hay available all day. Just leave it in the cage. Mature rabbits should eat less pellets as they age.

Hamster food

Hamsters are fun: they’re cute, furry, and extremely active and curious. It’s recommended only children over eight interact with hamsters and other small pets as younger children may not have the patience or motor skills to manage them and could get bitten.

Pet hamsters need to have full diets like their counterparts in the wild. Purchase a quality pellet or muesli. Hamsters are big fans of vegetables. A small cube is enough. Be careful with sugar content. Never feed your hamster citrus fruit or onion as the acid can upset their stomachs.

Other small animal foods

Gerbils, fish, chinchillas, guinea pigs — these are all considered small animals. Many of them can belong to the same family – aquatic, rodent – but each species could require an unique dietary routine. Choosing the right food is going to be as important as choosing the right small pet. At Pet Foods, we have daily diet pellets for rabbits as well as mixes of the appropriate vegetables, fruits and seeds for a gerbil.

If you want a small pet or need to know more about the healthiest ways to feed the one you have, come into one of our locations. You’ll walk out knowledgeable and with the exact small animal food your family needs.

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