Small Animal Toys

Small Pet Toys

Entertain and enrich the life of your hamster, gerbil, rabbit or guinea pig with a variety of small animal toys from Pet Goods. Browse a large selection of play tubes, nibblers, wood chews, hideaways and exercise wheels that are designed to provide your small pet with hours of interactive fun. Satisfy your pet’s natural tendencies to chew with our fruit-flavored wood sticks, gnaw rings and corn nibblers that help trim and clean teeth. Featuring bright colors, interesting textures and enticing flavors like apple and carrot, small pet chew toys encourage dental health while helping to relieve stress. At Pet Goods, you’ll discover toys made with pet-safe materials like seagrass, sisal, wood, loofah, alfalfa and honey.

Hamster Toys

Spice up your hamster’s habitat with a wood chew play nest that he can snack on and sleep inside! When he’s not snoozing, your furry companion will love hours of free-wheeling fun on an exercise wheel, available in an assortment of colors. It’s no secret that hamsters (as well as rats, mice and gerbils) are energetic creatures that need plenty of stimulating activity. That’s why Pet Goods carries every kind of hamster toy imaginable, including boredom-breaker chew tubes, hamster balls, gnaw rings, tunnels and assorted nibbling sticks and rolling toys that fit into any type of wire cage.

Guinea Pig Toys

Guinea pig toys give your little friend something to climb on, hide inside, and snack on throughout the day. A crinkle tube promises hours of exploratory fun, while corn husk and wicker ring toys are great for chewing and tossing about. Flexible wooden hideouts let you create a tree stump, cave or a stairway addition to your pet’s cage, and woven nest tunnels give your guinea pig a protected place to rest and nibble on natural alfalfa and hay. From hanging toys and ladders to willow branch chew toys, you’ll find everything you need to accessorize your guinea pig’s cage.

Rabbit Toys

Need help choosing the best rabbit toy for your bunny? Stop by your local Pet Goods, where we can point you to our top-selling chew toys, tunnels, mats and hideaways that give your bunny both mental and physical stimulation. Our inventory includes wicker toys for rabbits, food-dispensing toys, willow balls, chew tubes and sticks, wooden fruit nibblers, woven grass mats and other items that promote your pet’s health and happiness. Rabbit toys are perfect for encouraging daily exercise, relieving boredom and also strengthening the bond between you and your bunny.

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