Small Animal Treats

Small pet treats made with wholesome, delicious ingredients are important for the happiness and health of your guinea pig, hamster, rabbit, gerbil or chinchilla. Pet Goods stocks a wide variety of small animal treats made with real fruit, garden vegetables, Timothy hay, whole grains and seeds. Your favorite pet will crave the crunchy textures, robust flavors and tasty morsels that help encourage natural foraging behaviors. Hand-feeding your furry companion an occasional food snack is a great tool for training, teaching tricks, and building trust. Pet Goods carries dozens of top quality treats packed with essential vitamins that your small pet will love to chew and nibble on.

Hamster Treats

Hamster treats made with honey, oatmeal and sun-cured Timothy hay can go a long way to keeping your tiny friend satisfied and energetic. Like many small animals, hamsters love to gnaw and chew, so providing your little guy (or girl) with yummy chew treats and sticks is an easy way to promote natural behavior. Yogurt and berry-flavored nuggets are an irresistible treat for your hamster or pet gerbil. Edible chew logs stuffed with peanut butter, gourmet seeds and fresh alfalfa promise hours of fun, and are perfect for gnawing after all the goodness is gone. Visit our stores for a big selection of hamster and gerbil treats made with nourishing ingredients that are fun to eat.

Guinea Pig Treats

Crunch sticks, apple chews and tasty nibble rings made with whole grains are easily digestible and provide your guinea pig with his daily fiber needs. It’s no secret that guinea pigs have voracious appetites. Satisfy their tendencies to gorge with crunchy guinea pig treats that help trim teeth and support dental health. Choose from mouthwatering granola-style treats, natural wood sticks with honey-baked seed medleys, and gourmet veggie sticks that make for a healthy addition to their regular diet. Treat sticks, yogurt drops and biscuits are packed with Omega 6 fatty acids, Vitamin C and antioxidants, and are especially formulated for a guinea pig’s unique dietary needs.

Rabbit Treats

Bunnies have a high-energy lifestyle and can benefit from nutritious snacks throughout the day. Keep their metabolism super-charged with rabbit treats that are rich and fiber and vital nutrients. Pet Goods is your one-stop source for delicious rabbit snacks and treats, including vegetable nibblers, crunchy stick treats loaded with harvest grains and real corn, alfalfa grass cubes, and easy-to-digest yogurt treats packed with extra calcium.

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