Small Animal Vitamins & Wellness

Optimize the health and happiness of your tiny companion with specially formulated small animal vitamins and supplements, sold at Pet Goods.

Small Animal Vitamins

Health and wellness are an important aspect of owning a small pet, be it a rabbit, a hamster, a gerbil, a guinea pig or a ferret. Just like their larger counterparts, these furry creatures need a balanced diet to support energy levels, good digestion and proper growth. Even the trendiest of diets may be lacking essential nutrients, which is where small animal vitamins and supplements can lend a helping hand. Pet Goods carries a large range of high potency vitamins and supplements that are designed exclusively to meet the nutritional requirements of small pets. When commercial pellets and fresh hay are not enough, ask about our skin and coat supplements, antioxidant formulas and multi-vitamin concentrates that can help your cuddly companion lead a long and happy life.

Rabbit Vitamins

Timothy grass hay is the foundation of a healthy rabbit diet, but bunnies also require a steady source of protein, minerals, carbohydrates and vitamins A and C to thrive. Vitamin drops are a convenient way to ensure your pet rabbit is getting his or her daily vitamin intake essential for development, good coat condition and immune system health. Simply sprinkle the recommended dose in their water or over their pellets. Rabbit vitamins and supplements can be especially beneficial for disabled animals, or those who are recovering from illness or surgery. Ask your vet about liquid or chewable products fortified with Vitamin D3, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin B12.

Rabbit Supplements

Pet Goods is your source for premium rabbit supplements that can help with health issues stemming from travel, antibiotic therapy, birth, weaning and surgery. These scenarios can lead to digestive upset, lack of appetite, fur loss and stress-induced weight loss. Probiotic supplements are an easy way to replenish healthy bacteria in the gut. This ready-to-mix powder can be dissolved in water or mixed in with food. Rich in amino acids, minerals and prebiotics, these supplements can be used to assist bunnies that are struggling with eating, have a poor body condition and need to put on weight. Always consult your veterinarian about the exact supplement dosage beforehand.

Guinea Pig Vitamins

Guinea pigs are like humans in that they are unable to produce their own Vitamin C. The average guinea pig needs between 10-30 mg of Vitamin C per day, while pregnant or sick cavies may need more. Visit Pet Goods for chewable Vitamin C supplements for guinea pigs, made with fiber-rich hay. If you’re looking for a more complete product, we also carry guinea pig vitamin drops, made for all breeds and ages. 

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