9 Lives

Featuring the meaty flavors and aromas your kitty loves, 9 Lives is your secret to a happy and healthy feline.


9 Lives Cat Food

Morris the cat knows a thing or two about 9 Lives. His satisfied meows say that healthy protein never tasted so good. Featuring scrumptious poultry, beef and seafood flavors, 9 Lives cat food has been pleasing the finickiest of eaters for more than 50 years with their hearty pate and kibble recipes. Whether your feline prefers dry food or tender morsels (or a little of both), you can’t go wrong with this brand. Each 9lives formula is tailored to meet the nutritional needs of cats in different life stages, all the way from kittenhood through their senior years. Because every cat deserves a long and healthy life, 9 Lives contains all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed. Made with hearty cuts of tender turkey, real chicken and cheese, it’s no wonder 9 Lives is one of our best-selling cat foods.

Nine Lives Cat Food: Dry Varieties

Nine lives dry cat food has a delicious taste that felines find irresistible. Even more importantly, their dry food formulas deliver 100 percent complete, balanced nutrition. Give your kitty a new lease on life with 9Lives Daily Essentials kibble. Made with salmon, chicken and beef, this recipe promotes a shiny coat and skin and heart health.  Protein Plus dry cat food features a blend of chicken and fish proteins for lean muscles and lots of energy. Is your kitty having digestive problems? Try feeding 9 Lives Indoor Complete, with a subtle taste of garden greens. Aging cats may benefit from 9Lives Plus Care, fortified with selenium, Vitamin E and natural fiber for digestive health.

9 Lives Canned Food for Cats

Nine Lives kibble has the yummy flavors of grilled tuna, egg, salmon, and chicken that cats adore! But some kitties will always prefer wet food over dry. 9 Lives canned food varieties give your fuzzy companion lots of enticing choices. Your tabby can dine on tender morsels with rich gravy one day, and flakes of fresh ocean fish the next. Or maybe he prefers a meaty pate made with real tuna and shrimp! Visit Pet Goods, where you’ll find 9 Lives Variety Packs of canned food—featuring four decadent flavors. Perfect for growing kittens or adult maintenance, 9lives wet food variety packs come in gravy favorites or pate favorites, letting you mix up his diet!