Alpo Dog Food

Pet Goods has Alpo wet and dry dog food blends at low, everyday prices.


Alpo Dog Food at Unbeatable Prices

Our canine companions have, and always will, love the taste of real meat.  Satisfy your dog’s cravings for real meaty flavors with delicious and nutritious Alpo dog food by Purina.

Alpo Wet & Dry Dog Food

When you feed Alpo dog food by Purina, you’re giving your pet the tender, meaty flavors he craves and the complete nutrition he needs to enjoy many more years of tail-wagging bliss. Backed by more than eight decades of nutrition expertise, Alpo’s gravy and ground recipes deliver more protein and better taste compared to other canned dog foods. Don’t believe us? Just ask your four-legged friend which meal he prefers. One made with taste bud-pleasing chunks of real lamb, chicken and beef, or the generic stuff. Alpo dry dog food and canned varieties conjure up the tempting flavors of a backyard barbeque. Watch as your furry friend gobbles up his kibble and steakhouse-inspired entrees and begs for more!

Alpo Canned Dog Food

For a wide selection of Alpo wet dog food, stop by your local Pet Goods, where our shelves are stocked with Alpo Prime Classics, Gravy Cravers, Chop House and Prime Cuts. With so many varieties, your pooch can enjoy the mouthwatering flavors of filet mignon, roasted chicken, bacon, turkey, beef tenderloin and roast beef with vegetable accents. These succulent meals are drool-worthy for sure. Just open the can and watch as your pup dances with anticipation! Alpo canned dog food may be delicious, but it’s also fortified with 23 essential vitamins and minerals to promote health and vitality through all life stages.

Alpo Dog Food Reviews

Alpo is made with high quality protein sources and meets the standards set by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages. Featuring canine-approved flavors, enticing textures and decadent gravies, this popular dog food is sure to have your pet Labrador or spaniel running to his bowl at meal times. Here at Pet Goods, the feedback we get from customers is great. The family terrier loves his Alpo and his parents appreciate the affordable price! Spoil your pup with the meaty flavors of Purina Alpo canned and dry formulas, which are perfect for senior dogs and those with sensitive stomachs. If you have a picky eater or have noticed a lack of interest in food, try adding some Alpo Prime Cuts in gravy in his dish and watch the excitement unfold!