Arm and Hammer Cat Litter

Arm and Hammer cat litter with baking soda neutralizes strong odors instead of masking them with fragrance.


Odor-Destroying Arm and Hammer Cat Litter

Baking soda is the active ingredient in Arm and Hammer cat litter, delivering powerful, long-lasting odor control. This premium litter keeps your home smelling fresh and clean, even on days when you can’t scoop. Arm and Hammer has developed a number of breakthrough cat litter formulas designed to make clean-up faster and easier. Have more than one kitty roaming the house? Try Arm and Hammer multi-cat litter, which destroys the toughest of odors on contact! If you’re tired of dusty clay litters that track across your floors, make the switch to Arm and Hammer’s super clumping litters. They smell great and last longer, offering more value for your hard-earned dollar. Discover great low prices on all Arm and Hammer cat litter products at your local Pet Goods.

Arm and Hammer Clump and Seal

Stinky litter pans are a thing of the past with Arm and Hammer’s Clump and Seal formula. Their patented MicroGuard technology seals and eliminates bacterial odors on contact. These micro-granules are moisture activated and work to seal cat waste immediately, stopping fecal and urine odors before they have a chance to develop. Arm and Hammer is so confident about their product they guarantee you’ll enjoy 7 full days of odor control. With Clump and Seal, you don’t have to worry about skipping a few days between scooping—no one will ever be the wiser!

Arm and Hammer Double Duty Cat Litter

Losing the litter box battle? Pull out the big guns with Arm and Hammer Double Duty. This clumping cat litter is not only high performance, it’s all natural! Double Duty contains a blend of natural corn fibers, baking soda crystals, and mineral oil for dust control. How can a natural cat litter be so effective at banishing strong ammonia odor? Corn fibers absorb two times as much urine as traditional clumping clay litters. Keep your home naturally odor-free with Arm and Hammer Double Duty, available in 14 lb, 26 lb and 40lb sizes.

Arm and Hammer Multi Cat Litter

There are plenty of benefits to having multiple mousers, but litter box scooping isn’t one of them. So how do you keep a multi-cat household smelling clean and odor free? Simple: by using the right litter. Arm and Hammer’s multi-cat litter has a light scent that refreshes every time your kitty scratches in her box. Unlike other litters that crumble when wet, this formula makes rock-solid clumps, making clean up a snap. For kitties that have respiratory issues, you can rest assured this litter is 99 percent dust-free and low tracking. Refilling the litter box is hassle-free with the easy-pour, no spill spout.