Blue Buffalo Dog Food

Learn about the many Blue Buffalo dog food options and why Pet Goods thinks they’re a great choice for the overall health and attitude of your pet.


Like everyone else in the family, our pets need and deserve a balanced diet. At Pet Goods, we want to educate all dog owners on great foods like the outstanding line of Blue Buffalo dog foods.

Blue Buffalo puppy food

Like babies and toddlers, a puppy’s diet should not be the same as an adult dog’s. Foods and treats should be chosen based on a number of factors, including the breed of your pet and especially age. Feeding a young canine Blue Buffalo puppy foods ensure your dog grows strong and healthy. The company uses natural ingredients like lamb, oatmeal, brown rice and garden vegetables. Treats include banana and peanut butter crunch, yogurt and blueberry, and moist salmon. Your puppy will love these tastes.

Blue Buffalo senior dog food

As your dog gets older, his or her dietary needs and eating habits change. A dog is considered a senior when it’s reached around six or seven years in age. At this point, we want to feed our canines lower calorie foods to avoid obesity and higher fiber foods for improved gastrointestinal production. We also want to manage their slowing metabolic rates and watch for a lack of interest in food. Blue Buffalo offers a range of specifically engineered foods to combat these characteristics.

Blue Buffalo canned dog food

Canned, or wet, dog food can help prevent dehydration in your pet. It can minimize the possibility of urinary tract issues. But what we think is most beneficial is the variety these foods offer. Why give your dog the same food at every meal? From time to time, dog owners can even mix wet and dry food to give their canines a unique meal. Variety is the spice of life, and with so many flavor options from Blue Buffalo, your dog will always have a new taste sensation to enjoy.

Find Blue Buffalo dog food at Pet Goods

Pet Goods loves educating families about feeding their dogs the best and healthiest food. They come in, often with advice from their vet. We can break down why Labradors and Dalmatians wouldn’t necessarily eat the same food. When dog owners leave, they are pleased by our staff’s ability to help them formulate the diet their growing puppy, mature dog or diabetic canine needs.

We believe Blue Buffalo dog foods and treats ensure that your pets get the nutrition and delectable tastes we know you want for them. We invite every dog owner to stop by one of our stores to talk about their dog’s diet and how choosing Blue Buffalo is a decision that cannot be beat.