Blue Buffalo Dog Treats

See why Blue Buffalo is renowned for its dog treats and why Pet Goods highly recommends these healthy, delicious snacks.


Under the guidance of pet owners and lovers, Blue Buffalo provides the best dog treats an owner can share with their canine.

Blue Buffalo was born out of a need to provide pet owners with resources to care for their animals. Health issues associated with the company’s founders’ dog led to an extensive exploration of pet care. That in turn led to the creation of food made from natural ingredients, the combined work of animal nutritionists and holistic veterinarians. The BLUE Life Protection Formula became the best selling natural pet food in the country.

Since, the company has grown into a leader in pet care and is known for consistently resetting the standard for pet foods and treats.

Blue Buffalo treats for dogs

Health bars, chicken and duck biscuits, and grain free turkey are all on the menu. Every incorporated element is designed to provide a tasty and enjoyable experience with specific health benefits. Your canine will come running for the pleasure and get the added benefits of everything from managing their breathing to keeping a healthy coat.

Blue Buffalo puppy treats

Treats have to be dispensed carefully with puppies. They eat a lot and, if owners are indulgent, treats can dilute overall nutrition. Treats should account for no more than 10 to 20 percent of a puppy’s daily caloric intake. As puppies are in the training stage, Blue Buffalo puppy treats can also be used to reward good canine behavior.

It’s a great combination for your pet: Blue Buffalo is an acclaimed producer of dog treats and Pet Goods is a leader in providing the best resources for dog owners and lovers. With this team, you’ll always get the best information about nutrition and taste to make every snack a fun and healthy experience for your pooch.