Eukanuba Dog Treats

Eukanuba dog treats –made with quality animal proteins — are drool-worthy, wholesome snacks for your canine companions.


Eukanuba Dog Treats at Pet Goods

Eukanuba dog biscuits are scientifically developed for optimal nutritional performance. If you want a healthy treat for your four-legged friend, Eukanuba has the flavors and crunchy textures that will keep Fido howling for more! Pet Goods is proud to carry Eukanuba Healthy Extras for dogs and puppies. Featuring the perfect balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, these oven-baked biscuits are a smart and tasty reward. These dog treats are made with premium chicken protein, eggs, Brewer’s yeast and fish meal, and at just 12kcal per biscuit, they won’t pack on the pounds!

Eukanuba Healthy Extras

These crunchy, wholesome biscuits are made to complement Eukanuba’s wet and dry dog food products. Eukanuba Healthy Extras nourish your pup from the inside out, helping him achieve optimal body condition with strong bones and lean muscle mass. Packed with high quality ingredients, Eukanuba baked dog biscuits are an easy way to support canine health. Omega 3 fish oils promote a shiny, lustrous coat, Vitamin E helps build immune system strength, and dried beet pulp is added for easy digestion. Eukanuba treats are available in handy re-sealable pouches, which makes it convenient to take on walks to the park, or on longer car trips.

Dog Biscuit Formulas by Eukanuba

Come into Pet Goods, where you’ll find unbeatable selection and prices on the entire line of Eukanuba dog biscuits. Choose from the puppy formula, adult small breed, adult large breed, adult maintenance and adult weight control recipes. Whether used as a reward for learning new tricks or simply for good behavior, these biscuits come highly recommended and get 5 star reviews from many devoted customers. Each treat has natural beet pulp fiber and prebiotic FOS, which aids in healthy digestion and nutrient absorption.

Eukanuba Baked Treats for Dogs

Eukanuba treats for dogs are perfectly sized for breeds and life stages. You can:

  • Break them in half for smaller mouths
  • Place them in dog Kongs/dispenser toys for the ultimate reward
  • Feed up to 4 biscuits per day

If your four-pawed friend isn’t drooling with delight over these savory treats, Eukanuba offers a 110% money-back satisfaction guarantee!