Ever Clean Cat Litter

Discover the superior odor fighting power of Ever Clean litter – America’s first clumping cat litter!


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Ever Clean cat litter delivers lasting odor control combined with the strongest clumping action.  This premium litter clumps rock hard, stopping liquids from reaching the bottom of the pan. Made from a patented blend of high quality clays and natural minerals, Ever Clean is 99.9 percent dust-free and available in scented or unscented formulas for kitties and people with sensitive noses. Featuring ultra-absorbent moisture-lock clay granules, this litter eliminates strong ammonia and fecal odors and is purrfect for households with multiple cats. If you’re looking for the best clumping cat litter on the market, you can’t go wrong with this quality product.

Ever Clean Cat Litter Formulas

Ever Clean litter contains antimicrobial ingredients that inhibit the growth of unpleasant bacterial odors on contact, helping to keep your home smelling fresh for days. For great deals on extra strength, Ever Clean cat litter, come into Pet Goods where we can help you pick out the right formula for your needs:

  • Ever Clean Lightweight Unscented Extra Strength Litter
  • Lightly Scented Extreme Clump Litter
  • Lightly Scented Multiple Cat Litter
  • EverFresh Litter Unscented with Activated Charcoal
  • Ever Clean Extra Strength Unscented Litter

Everclean Unscented Cat Litter

Strong perfumes and fragrances can bother cat parents and keep kitty from using her box. Ever Clean Ever Fresh unscented litter is the perfect solution and makes stinky litter boxes a thing of the past. Made with activated charcoal that banishes odors on the spot, this clay-based litter is worth every penny and is one of our top sellers here at Pet Goods. This extra strength formula controls odors, clumps like nobody’s business and promises lasting freshness for up to 10 full days! Even the pickiest of felines prefer Ever Clean litter over others, and this low-dust unscented formula won’t stick to kitty’s paws.

Everclean Reviews – “Best Cat Litter Ever”

See what customers have to say about their experience with Ever Clean scented and unscented cat litters:

  • “It clumps extremely well, lasts a long time and doesn’t have to be changed as frequently. I will never use anything else!”
  • “I am a ‘cat lady’ with 4 kitties and can honestly say that Ever Clean really does what it says. This is one of the only litters I’ve tried that doesn’t smell with multiple cats using it all day.”
  • “Best cat litter ever. It clumps waste super fast and traps odors. It was a game changer switching over to Ever Clean from another clumping brand.”